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Scent Work Update

Based on input from our trainer (Gigi) and our behaviorist (Jennie), we’re revamping our scent training work. Here’s how:

1. Retrain a specific scent alert behavior (laying down) so that we can try to avoid Lilly playing with the items instead of working.

2. Work just a bit more on choosing the scented item (using various scents) from the unscented ones.

3. Use napkins/paper towels, which are much less fun to play with (we hope).

4. Quickly move from find the scented item to matching scent I choose and alert to the right one from a few variously scented items.

Our goal is to get Lilly really thinking about the smells and figuring out the matching part.

She picked up on the sniff + down pretty quickly on Sunday. She did pretty well picking the scented item from a selection of 2-3. When she was wrong, I turn my back for about 20 seconds. After a few of those, she got frustrated and gave up, so clearly I need to keep the sessions shorter before that happens.

When we tried later in the week, she did well again — offering the DOWN, picking the right one, except when I turned my back to mark an incorrect choice, I could hear her shredding the napkin behind me. It was hard not to laugh.

I find that once she makes a wrong choice and has slobbered on the item that it’s harder to get her back on track. Typically, I make the next try easier, then quit before everything goes to pot.

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