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Rebuilding Lilly’s Strength

As part of building back Lilly’s strength, I developed a little routine. I thought you might find it useful.

We’ve resumed our morning walks and are working up to full distance, which is about 3 miles and takes about an hour due to terrain. Here’s how the elevation profile goes:

  • Slight hill from house to road
  • Mostly flat with slight incline to corner
  • Steep hill
  • Mostly flat for a good half mile
  • Steady incline to our turn-around point
  • Then back … which is a steady decline, except for that one big hill

Sometimes, if we feel up to it, I throw in a 30-second run every 5 minutes. For those who know the lingo, they are pump-flow-volume intervals, which I’m told are proven to increase cardio strength much more than a steady walk or even a steady run. And, because I’m only mildly athletic, when I say run … I mean a good trot.

Lilly, by the way, has a beautiful trot. She could kick butt in the conformation ring in another universe.

But, the first day we did 3 intervals, she hid/slept in the basement much of the day, so I clearly had her do too much.

We work on core strength and rear strength in 4 ways. We play fetch up and down the steep hill in our middle pasture. I get Lilly to walk backwards, which I’ve read is really good for their hips and such. I call her to me, then I step into her and say BACK UP, and she takes a few steps back. Then, I call her to me again, and repeat. I’m also asking for her ROLL IT trick and her DANCE trick (pirouette on hind legs) to work on her core.

Lilly has a good STRETCH cue, which means put your paws on my chest, throw your head back and really stretch your whole body.

I also ask her to SPIN in both directions to limber up her spine.

Some Jumping and Weaving
A couple times a week, we do just a tiny bit of agility work … mostly jumping and weaving … and only for about 1-2 minutes.

Roxanne Hawn

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Peggy - September 25, 2008

Sounds like her morning walks are great workouts for both of you. I’ve been walking Kelly every day and it’s helping us both to lose weight. She’s a little dog, so we only go about a mile. Would love to find some place where she could all-out run, though. Not much chance of that in the city.

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