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May 27, 2008

Here are some scanned photos of  Murray & Poppy. Guess which is which. They live with Sharon, a writer friend of mine, in Southern California. And, I thought they deserved a little virtual ink.

Murray has a touch of the Lil, so Sharon was a bit nervous when Murray and Poppy first met, but they get along quite well. (Sharon’s late cuddle-bug Quat is also in this shot.)

(I’m sorry. The photos for this post got lost in the internet abyss. I cannot find the originals to upload again.)

Sharon has been told that Murray (a Harlequin Great Dane) is the ugliest Dalmatian people have ever seen. Nice! Sharon also competes with her horses, and people joke that the “pony ring” is elsewhere. Ha ha! Haven’t heard that one today.

In many ways, Murray is Sharon’s miracle. He is TOTALLY her heart/soul dog. And, she nearly lost him recently when he choked on a ball. She thought he had just hoovered up some grass or dust or something, until he started coughing up blood. Thankfully, her veterinary hospital is close by, and she rushed him there. Doctors saved him with mere minutes to spare. He developed pneumonia after that, but he’s doing much better.

When she first alerted our circle of friends about the scare, my heart stopped. But, he’s back to enjoying agility and life in general.

As for Poppy, she’s a Brittany with a natural tail. When she wants to get Murray’s attention, she’s very clever. “Hey, you!”


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