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September 13, 2016

Today, we celebrate the second anniversary of Clover’s adoption — Happy Gotcha Day! It’s hard to believe we’ve been Best Friends for 2 whole years. 

In case you missed the AMAZING story of Clover’s adoption all the way from Virginia to Colorado, revisit that happy story now!

Or, if you wonder how Clover got her name, don’t miss that story.happy gotcha day photo

Happy Gotcha Day Reflections

Since we unexpectedly adopted Tori about a year after we adopted Clover, this last year is a whirlwind of raising two border collie / herding dog puppies at the same time. They are 13 months apart, which is a bit like raising twin toddlers.

Toss in the fact that we lost Ginko in January, and it’s no wonder I feel like summer FLEW by and here’s another adoption anniversary. I’m sorry I don’t have time to make a celebration video, like I did last year. 

Honestly, I’m just happy to be finding time to write for the blog again (somewhat regularly).

Gotcha Day Updates – Training

Clover continues to take weekly agility classes. We also sometimes take drop-in pet dog classes, where Clover gets to work on her manners in public (more urban locations), including meeting strangers (which she has been having trouble with all of a sudden lately). She loves dogs, so people with dogs are GREAT. Alas, she seems to think (lately) that people without dogs are WEIRD.

In addition, we continue to work on recall games from an online class we’re taking (lasts 1 year at a time and we just renewed).

And, if you saw last week’s post, we may also start taking regular herding lessons for a while.


Gotcha Day Updates – Home Life

Daily life for Clover is pretty good, I think. We walk 3 miles with Tori most days. We do a little agility training in the backyard most days. She gets to hang out with me in my office (since I work from home).

We don’t yet trust the puppy-girls loose in the house when we are NOT home, so they remain crated when we have to leave them home alone. Better to keep them out of trouble.

Gotcha Day Updates – No Emergencies

Maybe this is a morbid thought, but I also like to celebrate the fact that Clover has NOT NEEDED the VETERINARY EMERGENCY ROOM at all since we adopted her.

Since Lilly spent so much time there over the years, I joke that I miss seeing our ER team (sort of), but also most DO NOT miss them since it means I’ve done a good job keeping Clover healthy and safe.

I wonder what all of you would consider the highlights of Clover’s second year with us? Post a comment and let me know. 

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