Santa’s Dog Book Review

Santa's Dog ! With the holidays zooming at us, it's the perfect time to think about the young readers on your gift list. Fans of Santa in your life? Want to teach about adopting dogs through shelters or rescues? Get this book. 


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Dogs & Books published Santa's Dog . The company offers special incentives if you order directly from its site. This November 2018, for example, you also receive a free sheet of stickers with your book purchase ($16.95).

A portion of each book sale also goes to charities that support animal rescue causes.

Santa's Dog is also available through Amazon.

Santa's Dog Book Review

As the Mom of dogs and the Cool Aunt to scads of kids (now mostly grown), I don't read a lot of books for kids, but I'm a sucker for Santa and dogs and great illustrations.

Santa's Dog, written by JoAnn Sky and illustrated by Ed Koehler, satisfies on so many levels:

  • Exciting plot about what happens when one of Santa's dogs falls out of the sleigh
  • Darling illustrations 
  • Emotional journey
Maybe kids are braver than I am because the book totally makes me cry. I considered making a video of me reading the book, but I can't get through it without tears, so I nixed that idea.
Dog book review Santa's Dog, kids book about dog adoption

I'm overly influenced by Dr. Seuss rhymes, so I found the rhymes a tiny bit off for my ear and reading style. But that's my grown-up noggin getting in the way, young readers will enjoy the pace of the book.  

I told a friend about the plot, and she pointed out that there is a logically fallacy in Santa's apparent inability to get into a locked animal shelter to get his lost dog, but again ... kids probably won't notice that. 

Santa's Dog book review illustration from the book.

One of the characters in the book serves in the military, so if you have military families on your gift list, they might especially like Santa's Dog.

dog book review Santas Dog

I received a paperback advance review copy, but the actual book is hardcover, so absolutely sturdy for young readers.

Clover and I head to the specialty veterinary hospital next week for another check-up. I will give my review copy of the book to our FAV emergency room veterinarian, with 2 young sons.

Thanks, again, to Dogs & Books (read, rescue, repeat) for giving me the chance to review Santa's Dog. It looks like they also have cute Christmas bandanas for dogs, if you need one. 

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Andy Bishop - December 11, 2018

My son loves this book. Thanks for the review. 🙂

    Cleo Ridlon - December 21, 2018

    greath content!

Dirk Tiu - December 11, 2018

Great book review. I ordered it from Amazon. Thanks for the heads up!

Juana Noris - November 28, 2018

This is a wonderful story for dog lovers of all ages. Whole my family read it over and over!

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