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Sh*t Happens – Agility Videos of MACH5 Chaos – Take 1 and Take 2

As promised, some agility humor for our dog training friends who already have earned or aspire to earn a Master Agility Champion title (MACH) with their dogs. Meet Chaos, a nationally ranked Labrador Retriever who TWICE had to earn her 20th and final double-Q to get her MACH #5. All this … at the age of 10.

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Lilly Plays Fetch – aka Stick – A Photo Essay

Lilly, our intrepid canine heroine, is picky when it comes to toys she’ll fetch. However, she also remains connoisseur of the silliest sticks imaginable. Often she’d rather play with little more than a piece of mulch than the fanciest fetch toy out there. These photos tell that story.

Lilly takes FETCH seriously … as you’ll see.

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“Dear Dog” Filmmaker Needs to Raise $3,000

Columbia University filmmaker Jed Cowley needs to raise $3,000 by September 6,  for post-production costs on his romantic comedy short film “Dear Dog, I Love You.” The movie features canine actor Paul Newman, a white basset hound rescued by Suzanne Fitch with Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue. He had been tied up in an abandoned garage.

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