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“You’re her woobie”

Lilly and I sat side-by-side on the new bench. The veterinary hospital just underwent a major facelift, and the new built-in benches are bigger and nicer than the old ones. I kept her to my left to protect her swollen right cheek from this most recent rattlesnake bite. While we chatted with the veterinarian who was kind enough to squeeze us in first thing (and allowed us to avoid a MUCH more expensive trip to the doggie ER), Lilly leaned over and did that thing she does when she is either really happy or really nervous. She nibbled on my head.

I kept talking. The doctor seemed surprised, so I added nonchalantly, “She nibbles on me when she gets upset.”

He laughed, shook his head, and said, “I’ve never seen anything like that. You’re her woobie.”

Well … yes. Yes I am.

Defining Woobie

I’m pretty sure I first heard the word in the movie Mr. Mom (from 1983). One of the sons, as I recall, dragged around a filthy blanket — a la Linus van Pelt‘s security blanket.

Even modern online dictionaries, like the Urban Dictionary, pretty much agree that “woobie” essentially means a person or item used to derive comfort.

Being a fan of both unusual words and, you know, being of some service to Lilly in her fear-soaked existence … I’ll take the complement.

Woobie, am I.

Roxanne Hawn

Trained as a traditional journalist and based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA, I'm a full-time freelance writer for magazines, websites, and private clients. My areas of specialty include everything in the lifestyles arena, including health and home, personal finance and other consumer interests, relationships and trends, people and business profiles ... and, of course, all things pet related. I don't just love dogs. I need them in my life. Seriously.

Mary Haight - July 1, 2010

Hey, thanks for the new (to me) word! And it’s wonderful that you can be such a comfort to Lily.

D.K. Wall & The Thundering Herd - June 30, 2010

I meant “no” higher compliment.

D.K. Wall & The Thundering Herd - June 30, 2010

I can think of higher compliment from a canine pal.

Laura, Lance, and Vito - June 30, 2010

That is so sweet!!! What an honor!

Edie Jarolim - June 30, 2010

I love that! A pet psychic in Sedona (long story) once told me I was Frankie’s goddess, which thrilled me, but it sounds a bit distant and remote. Woobie, on the other hand, seems very accessible and sweet.

AC - June 30, 2010

That is a great (and fun) compliment. I now have woobiehood to strive for. Kona tends to look at me like I’m the most evil thing on the planet when she’s in a scary situation, so I’d truly love to learn how to be a comfort instead!

Hilda - June 30, 2010

This little anecdote made me smile! I know how much comfort you get from having Lilly around, and it’s so nice that she feels the same way 🙂

Maery Rose - June 30, 2010

Thanks for the new word that I can now use whenever I get the chance. Lucky Lilly for having you to take comfort in.

Amy@GoPetFriendly - June 30, 2010

Roxanne, I think that is the nicest compliment a person with a fearful dog could get. You and Lilly are lucky to have found each other!

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