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Lilly’s Year in Review

Longtime readers know I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions. Yet, 2008, I think will stand as a turning point. You very well may have witnessed the year I gave up the dream of ever truly doing agility with Lilly. I’m not sure, since I tend to be terribly persistent with a cautious optimism, but I do kinda feel like the dream is dead.

In fact, I’m beginning to think that’s where my extreme puppy craving takes root. I don’t really want or need another dog. I really shouldn’t take on the stress and expense, but I wonder if this profound yearning is not simply the desire to start over, with the sense of unending potential.

So, as I recap a few notable moments from 2008, that’s my wish for us and for all of you … a deep-seated sense of infinite possibilities.

2008 in Review
I picked one entry per month to provide a quick overview of how our year went. I did it mostly as a mental review for me, but it also might help new readers catch up with our saga.

Read Training Updates from spring, if you want to know more about why we sought help from a behaviorist over the summer. Looking back, you can see a clear downturn in our work. Dig into posts from July, if you want to revisit the training plan assigned by the behaviorist.

Overall, I would say, the 2 biggest news items are July’s meeting with the behaviorist and Labor Day weekend’s rattlesnake bite to the face.

Thanks, as always, for your loyalty and support. Happy New Year!

January 2008 – Distraction Overload

February 2008  – Control Unleashed Training Date

March 2008 – Lilly Goes Missing

April 2008 – The Problem with Streaks

May 2008 – Our Media Debut

June 2008 – Looking to Make a Change

July 2008 – Began Working with Behaviorist (and more/better drugs)

August 2008 – Lilly Tangles with Rattlesnake

September 2008 – Misc Training Notes

October 2008 – Family Gathering (Lilly plays with child)

November 2008 – Meeting “Strangers”

December 2008 – Return for one Group Class

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