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July 2, 2009

I’m still waiting for adequate information on Ginko’s health status. The best I’ve gotten so far is that he’s doing “OK” or “fine” and that his bloodwork was “good.” I’m trying VERY hard to be patient and NOT freak out from worry, but I still have major crying jags when things get to be too much … because I’m the kind of girl who needs details not only on his medical status but his emotional one as well.

I called at 8:30 am to check on him and got merely name, rank and serial number answers. He was doing OK. He was still on fluids. He indeed does get to go outside to potty, etc. Tom stopped by the hospital around 11 am and got to hang out with him in the courtyard for a while.  Tom said Ginko seemed hungry and frantic. This visit is how we know the bloodwork showed pretty much nothing, which is good, but I have a million other questions. At that point, they said they were going to try and feed him a little and see how it went. They told Tom they would make decisions about futher testing or him maybe getting to come home tonight after that.

I waited and waited and waited. I even held off calling for a full hour past when I wanted to call. But at 4:00 pm, I still got virtually no information and anothe promise that the doctor would call me. That was 2 hours ago. I have no idea if he’s been vomiting, if his vitals are stable, nothing. The hospital is open for 2 more hours tonight.

So far today, I’ve:

  • Burned a good 4-6 hours with full-on worry
  • Done 4 loads of laundry
  • Written a 1200-word magazine article
  • Cleaned the entire main level of the house
  • Watered the greenhouse and all the house plants

My nervous energy often goes into cleaning. It’s a little psychological coping mechanism I have to assume some control in a world where I have (or feel as if I have) very little control otherwise. When things get scary, it helps to have clean floors.

Tom plans to stop back by the hospital before he comes home, which is great, but he likely won’t ask the MANY questions I have. So, Ginko may get to come home, if he had a good day. If not, then he has to stay. And, since I have no news on either front, I have no idea which option it will be, or if it’s option #2, what our next step in diagnosis and/or treatment will be.

I kept waiting to post an update until I had SOMETHING to say, but all I can truly report is that the bloodwork seems to show nothing.


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I don't just love dogs. I need them in my life. Seriously.

  1. We’re all pulling for Ginko. And the fact that you could write at all today is absolutely amazing. Hang in there.

  2. I’ve been thinking about poor Ginko all day and sending good vibes your way. How is Lilly handling his absence?

    Hang in there, and post news when you have it.

  3. OMG! I would be camped out in the lobby and also crying so they would DO SOMETHING just to get this hysterical girl out of their darn lobby!

    Do you even know if it is certain that is is pancreatitis? Sending positive thoughts your way for you, Lily, Ginko and Tom!!!!!

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