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Category Archives for Affiliate Program

SUPA Naturals Boo Boo Butter and Dog Dermatology Update

Started using SUPA Naturals Boo Boo Butter for our special needs dog-dude, Mr. Stix, and I think it's helping. I've swapped at least one topical meds application each day instead to the boo boo butter. He sees his veterinary dermatologist again next week for a routine check-up so that we can continue to get refills of the long-term oral and topical medicines we use for his chronic / autoimmune skin issues detailed in an earlier post. I'm excited to show him our recent progress.

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Odor Elimination for Stinky Dog Homes

In my experience, dogs cause more smells at the beginning and ends of their lives. Whether it's incontinent dogs -- due to age or illness -- or potty accidents in the house during puppy housetraining, living in a stinky dog house gets old. Right now, I like to think our house isn't smelly, at least not from urine and such. That said, finding new options for keeping the house from stinking is always good. Meet our newest affiliate pals -- Live Odor Free, which made by Noble Ion in Dallas, Texas, USA. 

Yes, that means we get a tiny % of all sales using our affiliate links. Thanks for supporting our work while shopping. They sell cat odor products too. 

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Support Small Biz – Where to Buy Dog Food, Treats, and Toys Online

I recently ditched my affiliate relationship with a major / famous pet site that's owned by a huge pet products mega company -- both because I literally never earned a dime because their terms sucked so much and because I realized they sell (and lately promote a lot) shock collars (some of which now masquerade as GSP devices and dog activity trackers to mask their other purpose -- to train dogs using pain). So, if you're looking for new places to shop online, please consider whom I have new affiliate relationship. Ditch the megastores. Support small biz.

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Best Solution for Sore Feet Saying Oooph!

Last summer I doubled the miles and time spent walking the dogs while recovering from major surgery. My sore feet paid the price. Dreaded plantar fasciitis.

I'd struggled with plantar fasciitis before. In the past, custom orthotics from the podiatrist fixed my problem with super sore feet. This time, it did not work. My VERY expensive custom orthotics did sort of help the plantar fasciitis pain. However, they caused me insane other kinds of sore feet issues. It was like walking with huge river rocks taped to my feet.

It was so bad, even just around the house, that I would try to figure out how to do things like put new sheets on the bed by taking the fewest steps possible. I never could get farther than a few houses down the road before the foot pain from the orthotics flared up.

Podiatry fail!

I went back to see the podiatrist about 8 weeks later. He made some adjustments to the orthotics that helped a tiny bit. But, I still hated them and stopped using them entirely.

Thankfully, the owner of a local running store gave me a better idea. Recovery shoes from OOFOS!   [Yes, I have a new affiliate relationship with OOFOS and will get a % of any sales made from my links. Remember, I only have such relationships with companies / products I actually use. Though, to be honest, they almost NEVER pay off. For example, I've had these links here for a few months now and NOTHING. I've earned exactly ZERO, so I deleted the adds from other places they were appearing on the site. I'll keep these here, just in case, if you want to click thru.]

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Air Filter Review – Better Filters to the Rescue?

Air Filters Delivered asked me to become an affiliate for their home furnace / home air conditioner filters. We only have a furnace at our house because at our high altitude it just doesn't get hot enough in our very short summer to justify having air conditioning. Air Filters Delivered sent some filters to try, and here is our air filter review, after about a month of using one of their MERV 11 filters. Whether you need a good air filter to help deal with allergies or you want one with more oomph during the ongoing pandemic, I hope this info helps.

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