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Holiday Advice from Champion of My Heart Dog Blog

In a year when many times it looked like Lilly might not survive to celebrate, I officially declare the start to the HOLIDAY at our house. 12 glorious days of togetherness begins in 3 … 2 … 1

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P.S. This photo was taken last year, about a month before Lilly suffered a rare / severe adverse rabies vaccine reaction. 

I’m too tired after a month sprinting to finish work so that I could enjoy the holiday, but Lilly is mostly OK. She has been more tired than normal these last 10 days or so, and she has been a little wobbly the last couple of days, but she had chemo injections again last weekend. Typically, we start seeing a real boost from that any minute now.

We hope to resume a more normal blog post schedule in the new year, but for now … we’re just a couple of grateful girls on a mountain in Colorado.

You have our eternal thanks for your love and support this MOST DIFFICULT year.

Happy holidays!

Roxanne and Lilly Hawn



Neurology Exam – 14 Weeks Since Adverse Vaccine Reaction Relapse and Counting

This week marks 14 weeks since Lilly’s massive brain inflammation relapse in August. This recovery streak eclipses her previous record of 9 weeks without a setback from earlier in the year. I went into today’s neurology exam expecting we’d continue to wean Lilly’s steroid dose. I was wrong. Here is an update on what we’re keeping, what we’re dropping, and what we’re adding to her treatment plan.

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A Dog Blog Post for the Mojo Challenged

Exhausted doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of our current state. All the worry, stress, and veterinary activity has caught up with us. These chemo weekends kick our @$$e$.

We also stayed mostly off social media last week out of respect to our friends in the wake of the big storm, including Sam and Marge on Staten Island. We didn’t want to clog anyone’s feed with our day-to-day hoohah.

BUT, it’s Monday (as I write this), and we’re looking for another fresh start. Here is a brief update on Lilly’s cytarabine injection weekend #4.

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Sleep Deprivation and Dogs with Long Illnesses

We’re dog tired here at Chez Champion of My Heart. About 10 months into this medical saga with Lilly’s rabies vaccine-induced meningoencephalomyelitis (brain inflammation). Between being incontinent (both ways) and fussy at night, we haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep in a long time. So, this week, we’re trying yet another strategy.

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