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November 3, 2009

As you likely heard on TV and from other Colorado bloggers, it snowed for three solid days last week and resulted in about three feet of snow around here. Unfortunately, the storm coincided with my first real week of work (after nonstop family medical drama) in a while, so Lilly found herself feeling more than cooped up. So, for your amusement, I present to top two signs your border collie has cabin fever.

(1) The unraveled Toss a Possum … and (2) the Oh-Man-We’re-Outside Hop and Hug.

(This video was shot in our parking area, which had been cleared somewhat.)

We got desperate after a couple days and began playing mad games of Frisbee in the house at night. I toss to Lilly. She gives the toy to Tom. He tosses to me, while I try to keep Ginko at bay by playing a side game of short-range fetch with his favorite ball. (Otherwise, he gets in the game and robs Lilly of her toy.) It’s a loud, injury-prone adventure, but we had to do something because she was going nutso on us.

Driving snow and a painful wind chill meant I could only stand to be outside for a few minutes at a time. I would have let Lilly stay out longer, but I feared for her feet.


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  1. I think Java has her own version of hide the toy going because I can’t find her Kong or her Frisbee. Its’ too early to be cooped up inside!

  2. ooooh…wasn’t the snow wonderful?? lilly is so adorable! i haven’t heard of that Hide the Toy game-must go explore!
    slurps, wiggles, whinnies, and snorts to all of you!

  3. I love the hopping video. Lilly is a happy girl.

    Have you seen the ‘hide the toy’ game that Patricia McConnell plays with her dog (on her blog)? That might be a good one for Lilly in your huge fenced yard.

  4. Goodness! Let me just take this opportunity to clarify to any potential cosmic eavesdroppers, that when I say things like “I hope we get a few good snowfalls this winter” I’m talking about like 10-12 inches. And the good fluffy stuff that wears dogs out when they run around in it – not the stuff that forms the icy crust on top. Geez!

  5. So much fun! The hopping video is great! Our dogs just love the snow, but we had hardly any (maybe 3 inches of windblown drifted snow) and its all gone now.

  6. That video is TOO cute. She looks so happy. Quite a border collie bounce!

    I hope you two have been perfecting your great clean-up trick all this time you’ve been inside! 🙂 One cue for multiple toys, here Lilly comes!

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