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The Default Sit

After the recent third dog adoption saga, I’ve been spending more time appreciating just how great our dog friends are. Ginko will be 9 soon. Lilly will be 5 soon, and I think it took having an 18-month-old pup around to make me appreciate just how well-behaved my current buddies are. I’m not saying that they don’t have issues because clearly they do, but I’m taking more time to notice and marvel at how all the house manners work we’ve done over the years has paid off. That said, here is Ginko showing off his beautiful default SIT.

First, however, he demonstrates his vertical leaping skills. They aren’t what they used to be. As a youngster, his head would go higher than the door frame, but several years and two massive knee surgeries later, he can’t jump as high. Typically, we see at least 3-5 of these leaps at the back door when he wants to come in, but the ONE day I try to catch it on video, he only jumps once before offering me a nice SIT as a way of asking permission to come inside.

Notice too, his flying nun ears as discussed earlier (scroll down to comments).

And, as an encore, here are links to videos of Lilly’s default DOWN and her long-distance recall. Clearly, we got a lot more rain or snow the year I shot the DOWN video.

Roxanne Hawn

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