Lonely, Lonely Summer

Gosh, could I be any more isolated this summer? Between gas prices limiting my driving, other economic woes affecting my budget, Tom spending long hours several days a week painting his mom’s house, and NOT being able to take Lilly all the places we usually go, it’s been a long, lonely summer so far. I’m trying hard to change my thinking about it, but I do feel like a hermit.

Old Thought:
I’m stuck home. I might as well give the dogs a bath.

New Thought:
My dogs really are my biggest hobby. Let’s do baths!

Old Thought:
Lilly and I are stuck at home, during the foundation stage of her new behavior mod work.

New Thought:
Lilly and I get to stay home and work on being relaxed.

If you’re one of those uber-positive thinkers, feel free to add some perspective-changing thoughts for staying home.

(And, before you get too whatever, remember that I also work at home, so I can go days and days and days without leaving the house or seeing/talking to other people.)

I am getting a ton of reading done. I’ve always read a lot, but now I’m often getting through a book in a day. I wish I could say it’s relaxing, but Lilly hasn’t quite gotten the idea that the Attention Seeking rules apply outside, not just inside. And, ignoring her from outside means moving the heavy patio chair, getting up, walking all the way inside, etc. Ten or more trips inside because she poked me, licked me, grunted at me, etc. tends to grate on a girl.

Roxanne Hawn

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Peggy - August 7, 2008

Positive thoughts on the way from me to you! I work from home too and know the feeling of isolation. Some of my positive thoughts: At least I don’t have a demanding grouchy boss looking over my shoulder. I can work in my pajamas all day. I’m home to throw in a wash and clean my house. I can take a long lunch whenever I want. I can connect with my daughter or friends on the cell for some watercooler talk. I get to be home for Kelly, and she appreciates having me home.

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