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I got ahead of myself and forgot to insert a photo of Penelope Grace, who was my first dog as an adult. She died June 3, 2004. This was taken a couple months before she died. As she aged, many of her facial spots faded.

You should have seen her in her prime. Most of those photos are on real film. Maybe some day I can scan a couple to post.

Look at the rear leg you can see. It’s turned outwards because the veterinarian who did her early surgery removed the extra foot that was to the inside. The one that remained turned out. She almost always licked at it, so that’s why she has sores.

Later they removed the extra bones between her knee and her “ankle,” and when she was 8, she had knee surgery for a torn CCL.

Roxanne Hawn

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Cedarfield - June 5, 2007

What a sweet face she had. Your post reminds me of what so many of us go through as our beloved pets age. My husband and I had a 16 year old Doberman named Haven who needed a lot of extra care so we went years without a vacation since one of us always had to stay with her.
She used to wake me up two or three times a night toward the end of her life but somehow I never minded.

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