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Category Archives for Foster Puppies

Rest in Peace, Foster Puppy Dream

Devastated to report the unexpected / sudden death of our most recent foster puppy Dream. Feel like I jinxed things by writing about our preparations for her arrival in real time and by writing about that anesthesia-related deaths study. Her heart stopped during emergency surgery September 27. It appears that whatever caused her broken leg also caused an internal injury that went undetected until her chest and lungs began filling with fluid. She only lived with us for 19 days, but we love her like our very own. The pain of the loss is as bad (or maybe even a little worse due to the shock) as losing our Lilly in 2013. A few of my fav pix and a short tribute video at the bottom of the page. 

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Foster Puppy Set Up

With another foster puppy arrival imminent, I decided to document the foster puppy set up I use to prepare the house. I figured since I needed to do all the work, then I might as well explain my process. Photos and text ahead, if you want to speed read. Otherwise, scroll all the way down to see a video that shows how I keep foster puppies safe inside and outside the house, including where they sleep and potty and hangout, etc.  

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National Foster a Pet Month

Posting this *barely in time to celebrate National Foster a Pet Month (June). I'm sharing a stat from Petco Love shows what it'll take to end preventable euthanasia in pets at shelters and rescues in America. Fostering greatly expands capacity to help more animals. While loving on our most recent foster puppies — The Wonder Twins — foster volunteers for our local shelter had 120 animals in their homes. We even ended up keeping Zan and Jayna an extra 5 days because the shelter was FULL. What's the shocking stat, how can you help, and how to I answer things people say to me about fostering? Keep reading to find out. Plus, cute pix and videos!

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