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We’re Sponsoring Don’t Kill Bill

The girls of Champion of My Heart scraped together our pennies to help sponsor Kyla Duffy’s upcoming ANTI-puppy mill, PRO shelter dog event in Boulder. Slated for Saturday, February 12, it’s called Don’t Kill Bill: A Dog Lover’s Night Out. Kyla is a huge proponent of using whatever talents you have in this life for good in the causes you support. (Feb 12 happens to be Kyla’s birthday!)

don't kill bill graphicRaising Awareness of Puppy Mills, Promoting Shelter Adoptions, Improving Day-to-Day Animal Rescue Operations

We’ve had the graphic for the event in our sidebar on the blog for a while now, but we wanted to say publicly that we support Kyla’s terrific work.

Our pal (and Lilly’s adoption counselor at Humane Society of Boulder Valley … all these years ago) Hilary Lane from Fang Shui Canines wrote all about this event and the BEST practices for rescue groups book that will come from it on Saturday’s big Be the Change 4 Animals day.

You might recall that we too wrote about Kyla on an earlier Be the Change 4 Animals day, including a video of her aerial performance at BlogPaws West.

A Star is Born – Aly’s Clementine

When the call went out via social media that Kyla wanted a dog to help during her Don’t Kill Bill performance, I wished with all my heart that Lilly wasn’t so fearful, but being up on stage, with people clapping and cheering for her, would probably freak Lilly out.

I’m happy to report, however, that Aly (from our blog community) volunteered her terrific dog Clementine for the job. They won’t say exactly what Clementine will do, but I’m sure she’ll be GREAT.

Kyla wrote a bit about Clementine’s story and her stage debut on Saturday, check it  out … the post includes video of Clem doing tricks.

I know that most of you cannot attend such a local event, but if you are anywhere nearby, we’d love to see you there.

Smooching on Our Heroes

I got to see both Kyla and her rescued puppy mill dog Bill at Sunday’s American Treibball Association’s Winter Games. (More on that tomorrow)

Bill, for those who don’t know, spent the first two years of his life as a stud dog at a puppy mill. After being rescued, he was so fearful that he barely moved for 3 months.

Kyla Duffy and Bill

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Living Large - January 20, 2011

This sounds like a wonderful event. February 12 is also my husband’s birthday! What a cutie Bill is! Yay!

Peggy @Peggy's Peg Place - January 20, 2011

This sounds like an amazing and very special event. Great that you could sponsor it. I know it will touch many people.

Hilary - January 20, 2011

Yay! Great news that you’re also a sponsor with us at The American Treibball Association! Wonderful, and thanks! Looking forward to seeing you there, and I’m sure you’ll have a great vid (we are so low-tech that we’re learning how to put one together for this event).

Clem will do great; I just know it!

Kyla Duffy - January 20, 2011

Thanks so much for supporting the Don’t Kill Bill event! I can’t tell you how much it means to me, as I’ve never done anything like this… I perform on aerial fabric regularly, but my only theater-speaking experience was in the sixth grade school play when I missed my cue and totally blew my part! Soooo, it’s been a challenge to put this together. However, after reading Dog Blessed, a book Happy Tails Books published last year about puppy mill survivors, I felt compelled to do more, and this is what I seemed to be called to do.

The event includes 11 of the most telling tales submitted to Happy Tails Books for our Lost Souls: FOUND! series over the years: A rescued Chi who becomes a seizure alert dog, a Beagle foster who helps a boy overcome some complications related to cerebral palsy, a German Shepherd with pins in his leg on adoption day who goes on to save his new mommy’s life… They’re all wonderful. So even if I miss my cue (oh, geez, pray for me that doesn’t happen!), the stories will be absolutely enjoyable and educational, and Clementine will keep everyone entertained! 🙂

Aly - January 20, 2011

we’re so excited to be volunteering with these ladies! Further motivation to get my own blogging butt in gear and actually write something too.

Kristine - January 20, 2011

That’s awesome! What a fantastic event to sponsor! I hope it is successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Kim Clune - January 20, 2011

Hurrah! For Kyla, Bill, Aly, Clementine, Hilary, and YOU! So exciting!!

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