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February 15, 2022

In my experience, dogs cause more smells at the beginning and ends of their lives. Whether it's incontinent dogs -- due to age or illness -- or potty accidents in the house during puppy housetraining, living in a stinky dog house gets old. Right now, I like to think our house isn't smelly, at least not from urine and such. That said, finding new options for keeping the house from stinking is always good. Meet our newest affiliate pals -- Live Odor Free, which made by Noble Ion in Dallas, Texas, USA. 

Yes, that means we get a tiny % of all sales using our affiliate links. Thanks for supporting our work while shopping. They sell cat odor products too. 


stinky dog photo - 2 gallon bottles of Live Odor Free, a small spay bottle, and a larger spray attachments for the big bottles

We accidentally got cat odor elimination products in our quest to solve stinky dog problems. Ooops! It's the same as the dog odor elimination products, just stronger. You can use the Pee Free / Odor Free links in this post to save 20% off your order. Yay!

Stinky Dogs R Us -- Sometimes

This is the first February in 3 years that we haven't had a foster puppy (or more) in the house. In 2019, it was Mr. Stix. In 2020, it was Baby Lark (who got left in the overnight drop box at our shelter at a very young age). In 2022, we hosted the Box of Chocolates Litter: Cocoa Puff, Carmella, and Chocula. Alas, this year, there's just too much going on with the recent dog attack to juggle extra puppies in the house.

So, I will need to write another piece about Live Odor Free products for stinky dogs next time we have foster babies in the house. 

There were 2 tiny, tiny bottle-baby foster pug puppies who needed a place to stay recently, but I chose self-care over heroics. 

Current Stinky Dog Strategies, Then

So for now, I'm using the smaller spray bottle to spritz the air around the house and also above the various dog beds in my office and the living room. 

Next time I do a batch of stinky dog laundry, I will spray and soak the bed covers and such, let them sit for ~10 minutes before washing with our normal unscented laundry soap. I'll update this post / report back. Stay tuned. 

While I do love a good scented candle lately, I remain hyper sensitive to home products with too much scent or smells of their own to cover odors. I feel my eyes squinch even walking down the cleaning / laundry supply aisle in stores. I absolutely loathe the new laundry products that make scents so strong that they last forever -- even after washing multiple times with unscented detergent, even after hanging out in the sun and wind. I'm looking at you, Gain. It makes thrift-store shopping a challenge because many of those items get stunk up with detergents, and it takes forever to get remove the stench.

  • So, I love, love, love that Live Odor Free products are fragrance free!
  • I'm a big fan of products made in the USA, so 3 cheers for that too. 
  • You can also take Live Odor Free products outside for things like artificial turf (which can really reek after a while with stinky dog urine and stuff). 

I hope you'll give it a try and let me know how it works for you. 

Pet Urine Odor Solution Kits for Carpet, Cement, Patios, Garages, Basements, Yards, and Artificial Grass

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