Lilly Navigates Deep Snow

Saturday morning, when the snow levels went past two feet,
we let Lilly and Ginko out to potty after breakfast, as usual. In her search for
a clear-enough spot to go, Lilly ended up on an odyssey. I couldn’t help but
film her from the upstairs guest room window. You can see her create, then retrace her own maze. When she’s moving more quickly, she is inside tracks she already made. (They are hard to see in this lighting.) When she breaks trail, she ventures out into new snow. You can see her thinking her way through, as she battles the deep snow. Rest assured, we were prepared to
mount a rescue, if needed. Lilly is very tough, very strong, very persistent. I wish you could feel how muscular she is. It’s amazing. I wish I was as fit!

Roxanne Hawn

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KB - April 21, 2009

Finding a place to go potty seemed to be a huge puzzle for our dogs too! It looked like they wanted a packed down area to avoid getting any mess on themselves but packing down the snow was a challenge.

I love the video!

Roxanne Hawn - April 21, 2009

Either your dogs are spoiled, OR I’m a terrible mother. After she finally “went,” Tom called to her from the door to encourage her progress up the hill, but we were about ready to go get her, if she didn’t find a spot and go soon.

Still … she’s a rough-and-tumble, mountain girl, so we don’t worry too much.

Elayne - April 21, 2009

Sheesh my dogs are spoiled. When it snows like that we shovel a path for them in the yard. Next time Cody gives me that look that he can’t possibly go out in the snow I’m showing him that video.

Dog-geek - April 21, 2009

I’m tired just watching that, although Lilly looks like she is enjoying her adventure. (And speaking of the music, Z’s rehab vet mentioned that she was thinking about playing music during appointments, and I mentioned the Through a Dog’s Ear CD. She asked me to email the link to her, and sure enough, this week when we showed up for swimming, she had it playing in the background!)

Betty - April 21, 2009

This video is so much fun! She is persistent in finding just the right spot, eh? I’m glad you caught this on film! Our ‘kids’ enjoyed the music with me as I watched the video.

smrp - April 21, 2009

p.s. love that you’re adding music and text to your vids now! fun!!

Sue - April 21, 2009

That’s sooooo cute! She must have been exhausted after her morning potty adventure 😀 What an athletic little monkey…I love Lilly 🙂

Nancy - April 21, 2009

Beautiful–and the music makes it even better. Feels like a snow scene from a Bergman movie.

She looks so happy, too–bet she slept well after that!

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