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From food and treats to fun gifts for pets and people, we do our best to find interesting affiliate partners to share with our loyal, mighty community members.

luckytail dog nail grinder promo image

Lucky Tail Dog Nail Grinders

This light, fast, quiet dog nail grinder with much less vibration than others we've tried works really well for our 3 dogs. WAY better than clipping nails and risking cutting them too short.

live odor free logo

Live Odor Free

Patented pet odor elimination products and specialized kits. Fragrance-free, green, non-toxic, and safe for kids and pets. Invented and made in Dallas, Texas.

image of fun dog mugshot type portrait

Guilty Paws

Hilarious custom dog portraits on made into mug shots from your photo. You can even choose each pet's "crime." The portraits can be printed on canvas and mugs. 

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CHAMPOFMYHEART graphic and promo codes

K9 Cuisine

Premium dog and cat food + treats and other things pets need.

All orders over $49 ship for free.

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rowan grooming supplies logo - profile of dog in yellow with rowan name below

Rowan Dog Grooming Products

Dog shampoos and coat conditioners made with human-grade, high-quality ingredients that leave fur shiny, skin healthy, and everyone smelling like coconuts.

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woof meow love logo

Woof Meow Love

Fresh, clever pet products from a fun new online store for pet supplies and great pet-lover gear, including a pug purse that I'm dying over. 

air filter review - air filters delivered MERV 11

Air Filters Delivered

With 3 dogs and 3 fireplaces and, you know, living in a rural area, we need good air filters in the house.

We use the MERV 11 filters (see review here), but you might like the beefier ones, especially during the pandemic. 

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“When you share your lives with dogs,

you never hike alone.
- Roxanne @ Champion of My Heart