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Dog Tribute Jewelry Time is a Gift

Quick reminder that the little online dog memorial or tribute jewelry party we’re hosting ends next Friday, July 14. Originally, I was thinking only about creating something treasured to wear after you’ve lost a dog, but look at these amazing bracelets I ordered as a visual reminder of our love and teamwork as I retool agility practice and training — both for me and Clover. Why not create dog tribute jewelry for the amazing dogs currently at our sides? [Don’t miss cute birthday photo of Tori below!]

dog tribute jewelry keep collective

If you decide to order something through one of these links in this blog post, I will earn credits toward more KEEP Collective items for myself. So far, I have earned $60 in credits (thanks to my sister ordering a ton of stuff) and one 50% off coupon.

Use the link below to browse the options for necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and charms. If you have any questions, just contact my KEEP Collective rep:

Jessie Rae >

Personalized Jewelry for Dog Lovers from the KEEP Collective

It’s an interesting situation to LOVE Clover while still grieving Lilly so very much.

In addition to a heightened awareness of just HOW MUCH I LOVE Clover, as we head into 3 total weeks without the full bone marrow biopsy report, I decided that I wanted these bracelets as a visual reminder to be present in spirit and to be everything Clover deserves while still keeping Lilly in my heart.

Dog Tribute Jewelry – Why Now?

I was going to wait to see how many credits I might earn by sharing these links with you before ordering something in TRIBUTE to CLOVER, but I decided not to wait. Time is a gift.

We stayed home the entire holiday weekend to smooch on the girls and celebrate Tori’s birthday, so I have NOT had the chance to wear these new bracelets in pubic yet. I suspect they will get lots of comments. Stay tuned. I’ll report back!

BONUS: Silly Tori birthday face (with her new hamburger toy)

notice Clover photo bomb in the background

dog blog champion of my heart canine heroine tori with hamburger dog toy

Dog Tribute Jewelry – Tori Too!

Once I find a charm that I think aptly represents Tori, then I plan to order something in TRIBUTE to her as well.

Now that I have 3 bracelets (or what the KEEP Collective calls “keepers”), I can easily order more charms and swap them out as the mood strikes me.

I’m a little excited and obsessed with this new find, if you can’t tell.

TOTALLY no pressure. I simply thought some of you might like this idea for personalized jewelry … about dogs or anything else you’re passionate about.

Create your own personalized jewelry from the KEEP Collective!

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