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Dog Product Review: Petstages Stuffing Free Durable Play Stix

Does your dog like squeaky dog toys? Dog toys with no stuffing? Dog toys that are a bit cuddly? Then, Lilly has great news about the Petstages Stuffing Free Durable Play Stix in this video dog toy review. Want to win another Petstages dog toy? Keeping reading to find out how.

best dog blog champion of my heart dog toy reviewAs soon as I opened the box from Petstages, the dogs went bonkers, but because I still needed to take pictures of the dog toys and because I wanted to shoot some sort of video dog toy review, they had to wait.

I’m happy to report that they did not try to break into my office closet, which is where I hid the box.

Details Petstages Stuffing Free Durable Play Stix

  • No stuffing but still cuddly
  • Almost entirely filled with squeaker
  • Strong internal rubber core (so that it lasts longer than 2 seconds … at least at our house)
  • Looks like a purple ferret or weasel

(And, you know how much we love our local weasel friend.)

Signs the Dog Like the Durable Play Stix?

This dog toy video product review from our canine heroine pretty much tells the tale of what Lilly thought.

best dog blog champion of my heart dog toy reviewBut, Ginko likes the toy too. He deferred to Lilly during official dog toy product review playtime, but then he nabbed it when we came back inside, and he is hoarding it cuddling with it on the sofa … as I write this post.

Enter to Win a Petstages Orka Jack with Rope!

The folks at Petstages were nice enough to send us two toys to test out, but it turns out the second one is a toy we ALREADY own … the Orka Jack. Ours doesn’t have a rope, but we often fill the center tube with kibble for meal delivery fun, or we cram bigger dog treats into the two additional half-deep pockets for a real chewing challenge.

It’s made from durable rubber, so it is NOT noisy. The dogs chew and chew and chew away on ours, and it (even after all these years) shows practically no wear.

So, since we already have an Orka Jack in our world, we’re going to give this one away.

best dog blog champion of my heart dog toy review dog toy giveaway

All you have to do is post a comment to this blog post by Midnight (MST), Sunday, July 24, 2011. I’ll use to choose a winner. Easy!


best dog blog champion of my heartJust 8 days left to vote! Voting for 2011 Best Dog Blog ends July 29. You, all of you, are our only chance!

You can vote each day (1-2 times) through July 29.

Please VOTE Champion of My Heart as Best Dog Blog!

Thank you!


FTC Disclosure

Petstages sent us these toys for free. Many thanks to them. Otherwise, we were in no way compensated for this product review.

Roxanne Hawn

Trained as a traditional journalist and based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA, I'm a full-time freelance writer for magazines, websites, and private clients. My areas of specialty include everything in the lifestyles arena, including health and home, personal finance and other consumer interests, relationships and trends, people and business profiles ... and, of course, all things pet related. I don't just love dogs. I need them in my life. Seriously.

Donna - July 22, 2011

Peter and Tayla had one of these that they found at the dog park one time, and they loved it. I’m not quite sure what happened to it, but I know they’d play with it if they one one.

Kelly Ann T. - July 21, 2011

I would love a to find a toy that would stand up to Kouga and his abuse. The only toy he has not destroyed is the Kong, but I would like to give him some variety. Thank you for the chance to win.

Melissa - July 21, 2011

Thor would definitely love this. He adores squeakers and he loves tug toys. He is also prone to de-stuffing any stuffed toy.

As a side note, my collapsible bowl and a pet first aid kit from your last contest arrived and they are great! Wonderful blog, I’m so glad I found some great dog blogs to follow.

Cathy Lester - July 21, 2011

Kes and Victor say ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!! Although correctly said I suppose it should read
Mommy says – hey if it doesn’t have stuffing I’m IN!

Pamela - July 21, 2011

Honey would love to win the Orka jack. She has a “jack” by Kong but adding food dispensing makes this one even better.

However the playstix really got her attention. She entered the room when she heard Lilly squeaking with it and watched the entire video with me.

Honey had a petstages toy from puppyhood that just bit the dust. I think she’s due for a new one.

Hilary - July 21, 2011

Wow! Frisbee, who has had so much less attention since Luna is recovering from major surgery, would love a new chew toy to play with (he only likes chew toys in his old age). Luna also needs something to keep her occupied while she has to deal with less exercise. So that’s our plea to win! 🙂 Nonetheless, I think I’ll have to order the durable play stix as well, as Miss Lilly seems to love it!

Sharon Gilbert - July 21, 2011

Schooner and Skipper would love something like Orka Jack with a rope. It would be good to use when we leave the house.

Cynthia - July 21, 2011

Our dogs would love this toy! I like giving them their food in interactive toys, one of my dogs likes to eat really fast and it slows her down.

Julie - July 21, 2011

The happy tail is my favorite part of the video 😉 I think that constant squeak would drive my hubby nuts! (we may have to go buy one today!!)

Mike - July 21, 2011

My Annie would love this because she can use all the toys she can get. I have to be away from home a little more than I used to be and she is a little anxious when I’m gone. Even if that weren’t the case, what dog wouldn’t love a new toy? My fingers and her paws crossed for this one 🙂 Thanks for all the opportunities in these contests.

Oralia - July 21, 2011

My doggie would love to try the Orka Jack. He loves chewing toys. 🙂

Dog-geek - July 21, 2011

We won a DuraPlay Ball from you a while back, and all my dogs love it. We still have the one you sent, but the dogs loved it so much that when we saw them at the grocery store, we stocked up and bought 4 more. They are P’s favorite toy ever – we’ve taken to calling it “the idiot ball” because he just walks around squeaking it and entertaining himself for hours. If we ever need to keep P busy for awhile, we just hand him the idiot ball, and as long as we can still hear it squaking, we know he is staying out of trouble.

    Roxanne Hawn - July 21, 2011

    I’m so glad to hear that Lilly’s favorite ball (aka the ONLY one she’ll play fetch with) is still a hit at your house. I love the idea of baby P … squeaking his way through his day. Ours do that too, except after the squeaker dies, Ginko will still mouth the ball (making a sort of toilet plunging sound). It looks like he is chewing bubble gum, and it makes us laugh, laugh, laugh.

    We need to hit the store and stock up on a bunch more again soon too. All of ours are sans squeaker and losing their bounce from too much play.

Jessica Springall - July 21, 2011

Buster (my staffie cross) adores toys! He goes absolutely beserk when given one.. He either runs around the flat jumping on everything in glee or goes straight to his bed and gives the toy a good sniff, lick, poke, prod and chew. If the toy squeaks we are doomed as he will proudly squeak the toy as loud as he can for an hour or so and when he has warn himself out he either curls up on the sofa, our bed or his bed.

Michele - July 21, 2011

My rescue pup Chloe (2yr old italian greyhound mix) LOVES her toys – squeaky, squishy, chewy, and and all above! She also has a treat-dispensing ball that she gets everyday when I leave so we’d love to try the Orka Jack.

TNB - July 21, 2011

I don’t know if my Jack Russell loves toys, but he collects them with intense obsession. My hound mix loves fuzzy toys, not to play with, but to cuddle like babies.

Kim - July 21, 2011

This really is a cute toy! I think my dogs would LOVE it.

rosy kirby - July 21, 2011

all 11 of my dogs love toys, but my big deaf boy, Dozer loves them the most. he carries around stuffed animals and uses them like a pacifier while grasping tightly and suckling on it. i pitty the fool who tries to take it away from the 100 pound big baby!

Teenage Dog Whisperer - July 21, 2011

My Lab would love this. Sounds like something he wouldn’t be able to destroy easily too!

Betsy - July 21, 2011

Oh my gosh, Dex would love it! Crazy dog that he is:-)!!

Living Large - July 21, 2011

This looks like something my dogs would love! Thanks for the chance to win!

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