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Category Archives for The Story of Clover

Clover’s Story – Puppy Adoption Across 1,600 Miles

This is the second of 5 posts, telling the adoption story of border collie puppy, Clover. In this installment, FATE intervenes. As I noted briefly in the announcement of her arrival, The Story of Clover begins with me seeing her photo in my Facebook feed. I read her adoption profile (where they called her Little Meg), and some way, some how, I knew in my heart she was born to be ours.

That was on a Wednesday (September 3). I showed her photo to Tom and asked if I could email the rescue group, which is located some 1,600 miles away in Virginia, to ask if they would even consider a long-distance adoption.

We slept on the idea, and the next morning, Tom gave me the OK, and I sent the email that started everything.

I received a quick reply from Beth, the puppy’s foster mom, who owns / runs a dairy farm in the hills of Virginia. Her note said she was open to the idea, but she wanted to know more about us and our home.

I sent back probably one of the longest emails in the history of dog adoption:

  • Details about our home and where we live, including links to maps and overhead photos of our valley
  • Background on our elderly boy Ginko
  • Specifics about myself and Tom, including how long we’ve been together / married, etc.
  • An overview of our combined experience living with border collies
  • A recap of our life with and loss of Lilly, with links to her obituary and tribute video

I even admitted the following to Beth:

“Honestly, we were NOT planning to start looking
for a puppy / dog to adopt until early 2015,
but I am drawn to Meg’s photo and the description of her temperament.
I very much like a smart / sensitive dog with just enough
ornery to keep things interesting.”

Later that same day, Thursday, September 4, I went ahead and completed the rescue group’s online application. All told, I bet I spent 9-10 hours that day on possible adoption related stuff. My whole body vibrated. I didn’t sleep much.

I wanted to be sure I didn’t get declined for not following the rules, so I hit send on the adoption application and hoped for the best.

border collie puppy, dog blog, champion of my heart

Each step in the process, I kept telling myself, “It’ll work out, if it’s meant to be.” If not, I knew I’d be disappointed, but I hoped I would be OK. I even told them, “I know this is complicated, so if it’s too complicated, just say so.”

Doing that application Thursday evening, it turns out, was the best decision I’ve made in a long time …

If you missed the earlier part of the story, here is a link:

Clover’s Story – Told in 5 Parts


Clover’s Story – Told in 5 Parts

My apologies for the long delay between announcing the arrival of our new puppy September 13 and the official beginning of her story. It turns out that raising a puppy – especially a border collie puppy – is a full-time, full-contact sport that has consumed me.

I’ve also had many work projects and deadlines, including three work trips in five weeks, which is a lot for a girl like me. And, wouldn’t you know it? I got some rotten cold / cough thing during the first trip, and I’ve been coughing ever since – like nine weeks now.

So, between working, coughing, and raising a puppy, I’d get to the end of each day and simply not have the oomph to write.

Plus, when it’s a decision between writing about her or spending time with her, I’m ALWAYS going to choose bonding time. Puppyhood is so important and goes by so fast.

Those who follow the blog almost exclusively on our Champion of My Heart Facebook page have enjoyed puppy photos and puppy updates these last two months. Again, my apologies for not doing so here.

I didn’t want to start telling her story until I felt I could do it justice. Truth? Part of me wondered if I might have to wait until after the first anniversary of Lilly’s death (Dec 17).

I decided that Thanksgiving was a pretty good time to begin The Story of Clover.

That’s what we named her … Clover Lee Hawn. That’s a whole other story, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s begin at the beginning in this story of fate multiplied.

dog blog, border collie puppy, champion of my heart

This is the first of 5 posts, telling the story of the 10 days between when I first saw her adoption photo and profile from Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue and her arrival at our home, September 13.

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