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Category Archives for Social Media Blitz

Blog Book Tour: Dieting With My Dog Q&A

Fellow dog writer and dog blogger Peggy Frezon from Peggy’s Pet Place asked us to take part in blog book tour to promote her new book Dieting With My Dog: One Busy Life; Two Full Figures and Unconditional Love. I’m VERY good at keeping Lilly’s weight perfect, and I mean perfect. Even our veterinary nutritionist friend said Lilly had a perfect body condition. Me? As I mentioned last week, not so much. So, I asked Peggy a few questions about her weight-loss journey.

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Newsworthy! No More Pet Store Puppies

The ASPCA launched a campaign to educate people about the puppy mill sources of puppies sold in pet stores. You too can take the pledge NEVER to shop for anything in stores that sell puppies. And, you can sign a petition to the White House, asking for legislation to close dog care loopholes (particularly for mass puppy breeders who sell pups via the internet).

I know you guys. I’m confident that you know all too well where pet store puppies come from and what it means to give your money to stores that propagate this icky dogs-as-cash-crop industry.

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Newsworthy! Ecco D’Oro, Canine Philanthropist and Crusader

The girls of Champion of My Heart first “met” Ecco D’Oro, a passionate Spinone Italiano (Italian pointer) with a penchant for stealing underwear and snorkeling in the koi pond, when we reviewed Ecco’s human grandma’s book about a Native American artist named Quincy Tahoma.

best dog blog, 2010, champion of my heart, ecco d'oro photo

"It's exhausting being this handsome."

The truth? We were a little sad that we were not the first dog-based book reviewers on the scene.

Since then, however, we’ve made friends via the blog, via email, and on Facebook with Ecco and his many, many dog friends … who collectively put the “Power of the Paw” into action every day through both virtual and real community efforts.

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On Trying and Maybe Failing

Today is the last day to vote for Champion of My Heart for Best Dog Blog. This month-long campaign for votes has been a real beast. So, all you here and who follow Champion of My Heart on Twitter and Facebook have my gratitude for putting up with all the begging and reminders.

best dog blog champion of my heart Lilly border collieThank you for your help and support and encouragement.

There is no way of telling how the voting has been going or how close (or not) the voting might be. Just like all of you, I’ll find out Friday, August 26 @ 5 pm (eastern time) [3 pm here in CO].

Plans for the Petties Award Ceremony changed mid-stream. Rather than a live event at the BlogPaws Conference, Dogtime will be broadcasting  it somehow via YouTube.

I’ll be watching from home, most likely. Perhaps we can do some live chatting online in the process. Or, maybe Tom will take us girls on a date to celebrate no matter the outcome.

We’ve been told that not only will each winner get a prize package that includes a $1,000 donation to their pet shelter / rescue of choice, but that there is some $10,000 donation in play too. I have no details on that.

The Real Lessons

Winning last year, being nominated this year, and giving it our best run taught me several things. Some good. Some not so good.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot in recent days. And this process is a lot like the process of helping Lilly over all these years with her fears, and here is what matters most — win or lose:

  • We tried, together.
  • We are honored that so many of you nominated us and got us into the finals.
  • We asked for and received your help. We value each and every vote, each and every person who helped us get more votes, and every single moment of honesty and kindness extended to us in the process.
  • We sustained our efforts every day this month … as we have the 84 months Lilly and I have shared our lives … because it’s the trying that matters most.

Before I beg one last time for votes, I leave you with this passage sent to me by a friend, after I suffered a recent and big disappointment in my life:

“Let go. When we re lease our attachment to the outcome, we allow the power of grace to work its magic.”

One Last Shameless Voting Reminder

best dog blog champion of my heartPlease vote again today, the final day … you never know if it’s the difference between winning or not!

Please VOTE Champion of My Heart as Best Dog Blog!

I’ve been saying all along that you can vote each day (1-2 times). Other nominees are asking for more votes per day, and indeed the site will let you vote, and vote, and vote. We’ve been told “excessive voting” will not be allowed. But no one really knows what excessive voting means, I’m simply asking that you vote however many times YOU feel is fair.

If we’re chosen, we’ll give the $1,000 donation that’s part of the prize package to our friends at Humane Society of Boulder Valley.

Thanks so much for everything. Have a great weekend!