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Category Archives for Dog Training Update

Weekly Training Update (March 12)

When we told the physical therapists working with Tom’s mom about Lilly being able to roll a therapy ball around like a circus dog, they were excited to see it. So, on Monday, we took Lilly down to the residential physical therapy place so that she could visit her Grandma, see some of the residents, and show off. It went really well.

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Weekly Training Update (Feb 5)

I took Lilly for an in-town outing for the first time in doggone ages last Sunday. We mostly ran errands and such, but she did get her first chance to visit my mom at the assisted living place. It wasn’t a perfect visit behavior-wise, but it wasn’t terrible either. I kept it short (10 minutes). I rewarded the heck out of every tiny confident thing. Looks like we have a few challenges to train, if indeed Lilly would like to continue these visits.

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