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Category Archives for Dog Photo

Lap of luxury

I allow my dogs on the furniture. I know some people don’t, but I do. Strategies for preventing too much dogification include putting comforters bought at garage sales on the sofas and using extra flat sheets as a top sheet over the duvet on the bed. Still, I buy dog beds. I cannot help myself.

We already had 2 big, round dog beds in the house. They are green, so we call them “Lilly Pads.”

During a recent monthly jaunt off the mountain to Costco, I found another sofa-like bed that I just had to buy. We didn’t really need it, but it was so cute, and it kind of matched the rug in my office.

/images/77380-67752/pup_sofa_Ginko_aug_07_003.jpg” border=”0″ width=”600″>

Throughout the day, like mobile sundials, they two of them shift from spot to spot around the house. If there’s a nice breeze from the south, they favor the master bed. If it’s cold out, they pick the guest bed. If we leave the TV on, they prefer the real sofas. If I’m working, they hang out with me in the office.

This very second, Lilly is asleep in the knee hole of my desk. Ginko is sacked out like a puppy horse flat on his side on the little sofa. A good amount of him is off it, but he seems happy, so there you go.

Ground control to …

Now that the wild meadow grasses have gone to seed, it’s time to trim the pastures. It’s both a fire mitigation as well as a see-the-snakes-better tactic. This year, Tom decided to do reverse crop circles. The strategy lets us keep areas natural with wildflowers and so that the wildlife have a place to bed down come winter. But, it’s apparently causing quite a stir in our rural valley.

Happy summer! (photos)

After the many, many winter snowstorms came a higher number of spring rains than usual. So, we have lots more wildflowers than past summers. A couple days ago, I got out the camera and shot a few photos of the pups of summer 2007, including Lilly running her home course.

Lilly of the field

Lilly and Ginko enjoying summer.

Lilly in action on home course (I cued her and took photos at the same time … oh, dear).

In both cases, she’s collecting to turn into weave poles.

Lessons … photo

I got ahead of myself and forgot to insert a photo of Penelope Grace, who was my first dog as an adult. She died June 3, 2004. This was taken a couple months before she died. As she aged, many of her facial spots faded.

You should have seen her in her prime. Most of those photos are on real film. Maybe some day I can scan a couple to post.

Look at the rear leg you can see. It’s turned outwards because the veterinarian who did her early surgery removed the extra foot that was to the inside. The one that remained turned out. She almost always licked at it, so that’s why she has sores.

Later they removed the extra bones between her knee and her “ankle,” and when she was 8, she had knee surgery for a torn CCL.

Photos, spring (07) in the Rockies

Springtime in the Rockies!!

(Sorry if the photos look funny. I’m still learning how to adjust their size.)

Ginko and Lilly enjoy their tiny patch of real grass. This is a tough STAY since their best ball sits right between then.

Here, Ginko waits for daddy to throw the ball. Lilly waits to herd his sorry behind while he tries to fetch it. (Notice how muscular she is.)

This is Lilly’s favorite spot. She can see down the valley and the whole front pasture. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but she’s on the edge of a hill.