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Category Archives for Brag for a Friend

Staten Island Adventure: Magnificent Marge

OMD. A highlight of my NYC adventure was the chance to pop over to Staten Island and visit Sam and Marge from Marge Blog. It required a cab, a ferry, and a train, but to see magnificent Marge … I braved it. Look at me overcoming my big city fears!

One Tired Girl

I averaged just 3-4 hour of sleep a night while in NYC. Squeezing as much into my time there, staying up late to chat with my friend and hotel roommate, and simply being over-stimulated from all the people, noise, and activity, meant that I mostly lived on adrenalin and coffee.

My roommate had a 6 am flight, so she had to get up at 3 am. I tried to go back to sleep, but had very little luck.

So, I got up, got a little work done, got packed and headed out for my Staten Island Adventure earlier than expected.

best dog blog, champion of my heartI sent a text to Sam, once I was on the ferry @ 7:30 am, which was an hour earlier than we had planned (Sorry, Sam).

So, she hustled to finish her paper route and still managed to meet me at the train station by 8:30 am.

As I mentioned yesterday, I got to smooch on this terrific bomb dog at the ferry station. And, yes, I got to see the Statue of Liberty. (It’s much smaller than you would think. I’m sure everyone says that.)

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Wordless Wednesday: Bomb Dog

While waiting to take the ferry over to Staten Island on Sunday to visit Sam and Marge, I made friends with this big, meaty-headed boy named Dash. He is one of many bomb-sniffing dogs that work every day to keep tourists and commuters safe.

I wonder if people feel less nervous to have Labs sniffing their luggage, rather than a German Shepherd or a Malinois? I love me some herding dog, as you know, but I suppose a good, solid retriever seems more friendly.

What do you think?

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Dogs Helping Kids Prep for Kindergarten

Longtime readers might recall that my pal Karen Quinn is a wildly popular author, with best-selling books that get movie deals, etc. Well, her latest book (Testing for Kindergarten) helps parents and families prepare kids for the kinds of tests they’ll get before entering school. And, ONLY Karen would think to use videos of her dogs (Olive and Bronco) to help families in this effort. You can find them, and LOADS of other advice (if this is your demographic) on her new Testing for Kindergarten Blog.

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Lulu Comes Home

Well, it’s official. Aunam Cara She Runs Hot, our agility friend Pitsch’s new baby sister, came home over the weekend. Her call name is LuLu, and we are SO EXCITED to meet her. We have tentative plans to visit next Saturday as part of LuLu’s socialization work.

I am really interested to see how Lilly does with such a young dog. She has met a few small/young pups over the years and has always been very gentle and sweet, but those encounters were brief. I figure it’s good for Lilly to practice meeting young dogs since sometime later in her life it may be a household friend she needs to accept.

So, welcome home, LuLu!

{photo got lost in major blog photo glitch. sorry}

Give Love to Some Like-Minded Friends

Work load, stress levels and other drama running high again this week. In lieu of a Rox & Lilly post, I’ll merely point to these two nice blogs that address, debunk and muse on the other side of dog training that makes so many of us sad.

Boulder Dog – Alpha Dogma: Goodbye to All That

Favorite line: I see alpha dogma as a mind-set, a mental lens through which we view our dogs. I think it leads us to perceive our relationship with our dogs as adversarial.

SmartDogU – Methods Schmethods

Favorite Line: What looks like success is really learned helplessness. The dog is shutting down, not learning how to behave.

Laurie Luck, CPDT, over at Smart Dog University is taking a beating by fans of dominance theory. So, I know she’d appreciate some additional pro comments by positive reinforcement supporters … if you have the time.

A Little Love for Sidecar Pals

Once before, I posted a photo of Lilly in a sidecar Tom restored. That’s how I met Bobaji (The Sidecar Dog) and his person, Van. I’ve blogged about them before as well, but their NYC video got pulled from YouTube. Ultimately, I wrote an article about their cross-country tour for Fido Friendly. I believe it’s out now and hope to post a link to the piece soon, but suffice it to say Bobaji had some behavior issues before Van came into his life.

BUT, here is their tour trailer (kind of like a movie trailer), if you need to catch up.

Van and Bo are blogging now too, so I wanted to suggest you visit them often. Loads of cute videos of people and pets they meet on their adventures.

ALSO, they are using mostly their own money to fund the tour and their efforts to raise awareness of shelter pet adoption, so if you know anyone in a position to sponsor them with cash or even a new motorcycle, do let Van know. I’d hate to see such a neat project falter because of a lack of funds.

Riverdance Video from Crufts

Tom made me promise never to do Freestyle with Lilly. While he will watch these videos and be amazed along with me, he considers this version of dog training, just a tick past Crazy Dog Lady. This is from the recent Crufts dog show in the UK. I learned about it (again via Twitter) from a veterinarian named Marc Abraham.  So, thanks to him for alerting me to this video. It’s really something, especially at the end, where she throws in some agility moves.