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Category Archives for Dog Book Review

Book Review: The Last Place You’d Look

Carole Moore, my friend and mentor, wrote a powerful, deeply researched account of missing persons and the people who look for them. In some 200 pages, Carole thrusts you into the heartbreak when a loved one disappears.

the last place you'd look by carole mooreIn clean, direct prose, The Last Place You’d Look tells many real-life stories from the view of a:

  • Former police officer
  • Modern journalist

She pulls no punches in descriptions of where law enforcement might fail and where families make irrevocable mistakes (like having 1,400 of their own volunteer searchers tromp all over a possible crime scene).

The stories of missing persons and unidentified bodies are gritty and sad, but I never felt a sense of reader despair. I certainly hope with all my heart that I never face a loved one vanishing, but after reading Carole’s book … at least I know some of what to expect … including how Amber Alerts and various crime databases work .

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Marcus of Umbria Winner – The Dogs are Really in Charge

Big congrats and thanks for playing along to Laura, Lance, and Vito from The Dogs are Really in Charge. They won our Marcus of Umbria giveaway.  On their blog, they tell all sorts of stories about their mixed family that includes a corgi (that’s Lance), a toller pup (that’s Vito), FIVE ferrets and a cat named Like. Oh, and did we mention that there’s now a service puppy in training in da house? That’d be Chuck (a chocolate lab, who is just too cute).

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