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Category Archives for Adverse Rabies Vaccine Reaction

Lilly Update from Friday, Feb 3, 2012

A massive snowstorm kept us pinned on the mountain Friday. We had about 20 inches of snow when we awoke, and the local weather folks are saying we might get another 20 inches of snow before this storm is over Saturday morning. As much as it broke my heart, we did not risk making the drive down the canyon and over to the veterinary hospital. So, this update comes from phone chats with her neurology team. Not great news.

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Lilly Setbacks: Meningoencephalitis, Vomiting, and Seizures

We were prepared to share moderate news (not worse, not better) about Lilly from Wednesday afternoon (and we will below), but a crushing early morning call brought a report that Lilly began having seizures overnight. Our neurologist called about 6:20 am with the news. He was en route to the hospital. While it wasn’t unexpected, we’re still devastated and worried 10 x more Thursday morning than we were Wednesday afternoon. Photos and video below from that visit. We won’t be able to see Lilly until about 1 pm today.

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Lilly Update: What Meningoencephalitis Looks Like

We have a diagnosis: meningoencephalitis. That simply means inflammation of Lilly’s brain and the lining around the brain. We do not, however, know (yet) the root cause of Lilly’s rapid decline over the last week or so. Here are some pictures and a short video from our visit with her Tuesday (1/31) afternoon and more details that we can share.

I know this post is likely WAY too long, but there is a lot of information to share.

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Lilly Hospitalized, Big Tests Pending

dog blog, champion of my heart, heart graphicWe’ve had a tough, tough, tough week. Look for short updates posted on our Champion of My Heart Facebook Fan Page, but the headline is that Lilly has gotten increasingly sicker since her rabies vaccine given January 23. Over the weekend, she developed all sorts of scary symptoms, including:

  • High fever
  • Extreme lethargy
  • Inability to walk (that got worse and worse)
  • Slow cognitive responses (that also got worse over night)

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