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July 21, 2022

Started using SUPA Naturals Boo Boo Butter for our special needs dog-dude, Mr. Stix, and I think it's helping. I've swapped at least one topical meds application each day instead to the boo boo butter. He sees his veterinary dermatologist again next week for a routine check-up so that we can continue to get refills of the long-term oral and topical medicines we use for his chronic / autoimmune skin issues detailed in an earlier post. I'm excited to show him our recent progress.


Yay for Boo Boo Butter

supa naturals boo boo butter

SUPA Naturals is another new affiliate relationship for us. So if you use our links to reach their site and shop, we get a small % of the sale. Thanks for your support!

I know I should have taken BEFORE photos, but I didn't with everything else going on around here. The most recent photo I have prior to the Boo Boo Butter is from March 2022 and looks much the same as now, though other areas higher up are mostly healed now. 

But his skin got worse again heading in spring, after looking really, really good in late 2021. Dog dermatology issues take patience and persistence and a never-ending supply of hope. 

I truly believe we may eventually get his skin mostly clear. The hair will never grow back because of the injury that caused his permanent nakey spot, but I'd LOVE for him not to have any lesions or open sores. 

Naysayers tell me that's probably impossible, but I keep up the faith. 

The medical treatments we're using under direction of our veterinary dermatologist have made things SO much better than they were at their worse. Photo history here. Yikes!

Here's how it looks today. The lowest part still is the most raw, but the section above that is SO close to being healed and smooth with Mr. Stix getting:

  • Oral cyclosporine after breakfast
  • Topical tacrolimus after breakfast
  • Topical mupirocin before our walk
  • Topical Boo Boo Butter, definitely after dinner and sometimes other times during the day
supa naturals boo boo post photo 1 mr stix on patio sofa
supa naturals boo boo post photo 2 showing mr stix skin status July 2022

The trick preventing him from licking after I apply any topicals. In the morning, he wears a bite-not collar for a while after application of the tacrolimus. He forgets about the mupirocin while walking, and I try to get him to lay "pink side down" in the evening after I apply the Boo Boo Butter.

It's too hot this summer for him to wear his full-body PJs to keep him from licking, so we may have to wait for fall if we decide to go to full-time lick proofing. He looks pathetic waring a cone or bite-not collar, and I just cannot imagine keeping him in something like most of the time, including overnights. 

What I like and what I wish about SUPRA Naturals Boo Boo Butter


  • How it smells
  • The soothing / skin protecting ingredients such as Cupuachu Butter, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Candelilla Wax, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, and Vitamin E
  • The price point (around $30) for how long a 2-ounce tub lasts

What I wish

  • Since Mr. Stix's skin is so sensitive and hurts sometimes, I wish the consistency of the Boo Boo Butter was a little softer so that I didn't have to rub quite so hard to apply it, as it kind of melts into the skin. 
    • I use the flat side of my fingernails to scoop a little onto the skin before rubbing it around. 

If your dog ever needs a little soothing skin protection, I hope you'll give it a try.

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