Affiliates and Promo Codes 

Affiliates and Promo Codes

FTC DISCLOSURE: This page includes affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a small commission.

So here's the deal. We ONLY create affiliate and offer promo codes with companies and products we actually use ourselves or super-duper like ... and in many cases have written detailed dog product reviews.

The list of affiliate friends changes over time as we decide which collaborations work for us and our fans (or not)so check back often to see what's new.  


Weighted Dog Vests & More, including bathrobes for people

gravity weighted dog vest

Lucky Tail

Dog Nail Grinder

luckytail dog nail grinder promo image

Lucky Tail

Dog Supplements

luckytail dog supplement chews launch week sale

Bully Beds

Affordable Dog Beds

20-Year Warranty

Free waterproof liner

affordable dog bed with 20 year warranty bully bed product photo

Bark Pouch

Lickable Treats for Dog Training & Rewards

bark pouch lickable dog treats variety pack

Made in the USA (Columbus, Ohio).

bark pouch QR code

You can also scan (or tap) this QR code for us to get affiliate credit for your purchase of Bark Pouch lickable dog treats . 

Guilty Paws

Customized Pet Portraits

Hilarious Custom Pet Art

Lucky Dog

Crates, covered pens, bowls, raised cots, beds, and even stylish poop bag dispensers!

lucky dog QR code

You can also scan (or tap) this QR code for us to get affiliate credit for your purchase great dog products from Lucky Dog. 

SUPA Naturals

CBD products for people and pets, including a topical Boo-Boo Butter

Suzie's CBD Treats

Treats, tinctures, even peanut butter

suzie's cbd treats cbd drops bottle and business card

We don't have an affiliate relationship with Suzie's. Check out our CBD product review, though. 

West Paw

Toys, treats, beds, collars and leashes, and feeding accessories.

Top sellers in all pet product categories, including items to protect your furniture

This vendor on pause!

Live Odor Free

Fragrance-free, Non-toxic Odor Eliminators

stinky dog photo - 2 gallon bottles of Live Odor Free, a small spay bottle, and a larger spray attachments for the big bottles

See our Live Odor Free product review for living with stinky dogs.  

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