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A Q&A over at

Hop on over to to read a Q&A I did with Jonathan this week. Considering how distracted I am with Lilly being sick, I hope it makes some sense. For those who might be visiting Champion of My Heart for the first time because of that interview, welcome. Here are some links that should help you catch up on our tale.

Why is the blog called Champion of My Heart?

What is dog agility, anyway?

How exciting is winning a championship? (warning … a sad and inspiring story and video)

Are challenges like this normal?

Is she really a border collie?

Where did things start to go wrong?

What kinds of things have you tried to fix it?

What did the animal communicator tell you? (Round 1, Round 2)

And, yes … A rattlesnake bit Lilly right in the face Saturday night. Those entries are recent, so you should be able to see them below this one. (warning … fairly gruesome photos)

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