Final 5 Days of Lilly’s Fund – Increased the Goal by $500

We reached our original goal in our memorial fundraising campaign in just 17 days. I let the campaign continue without much fanfare. Out of the blue we started getting donations again this week, so I increased our goal by $500. Do you think we can raise $500 in these final 5 days? Next Tuesday, May 13, would have been Lilly’s 10th birthday. That’s our deadline. Check out our plans for the money and the latest book news …

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If we reach the new goal of raising a total of $3,843, it would allow us to:

  • Pay $3,343 toward a canine neurology case at our veterinary specialty hospital


  • Pay $500 toward another canine case at our main veterinary hospital.

How great would that be?!

Any and all help is appreciated. Every dollar. Every social media share. Every little bit helps.

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Book news!

I continue to make steady progress on the first book based on Lilly’s life. It begins like this …

I was born a Dog Girl, pure and simple. It’s a sordid tale of how I got from childhood to where I am now, what I know, and how I feel about things that happened to my early dogs. With all due respect to my family, I’m a much better canine guardian than I was raised to be.