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Lilly’s Fund – An Update on the Memorial Fundraiser

I am honored, humbled, and grateful to say that Lilly’s Fund reached 100% of our $3,343 goal in just 17 days. Thanks to the help of 36 donors (on top of the $693 we chipped in ourselves) we’ll be able to help a dog (or dogs) at our local veterinary specialty hospital.

Lilly's Fund reaches 100% of fundraising goal

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you … to everyone who helped spread the word about Lilly’s Fund and to those able to add money to the fund:

  • Robin Woeltje Loranger – “In memory of my Heart dog, Solomon.”
  • Anonymous
  • Saoirse – “Not as much as I wish I could give, but I know it will help a little.”
  • Liz – “In honor of beautiful Lilly and the love that you gave her. Every time I see her picture, I’m reminded of the similarities between Lilly and my Kara-dog.”
  • Geri Theobald – “For Lily and remembering Chief who died 10-26-13.”
  • Penny – “For Lilly and my own dogs who have taught me and others great lessons and whose love is never ending.”
  • Anonymous
  • JK Carlo – “In memory of beautiful Lilly. In celebration of the amazing journey you shared. <3”
  • Patricia Adams – “To honor beautiful Lilly and her mom”
  • Anonymous
  • The Hopple Zoo Crew
  • Cathy – “I first found your blog because of my adoption of a terribly fearful dog. Well before Lilly’s illness, I learned from you about the benefits of agility and about I thank you and Lilly so much for helping me break down many of my Cora’s barriers. And I still weep for your loss of such a special girl.”
  • Hilary and Luna – “Knowing the steep cost of long-term medical care for our pets, we are donating to help a family in need.”
  • Linda Mooradian – “RIP beautiful Lilly”
  • Jana – “In honor of wonderful Lilly”
  • Hilda Brucker
  • Sharon Waldrop – “Thank you for starting this fund to help out another family going through a similar ordeal. Lilly is lucky to have had you in her life, as you are for having her.”
  • Barb – “In honor of Lilly and in memory of Joe who died 4/1/1985 and John who died of 12/14/2014. Roxanne you have supported me when I needed it and I want to support you and this great project when you need it!”
  • Sandra Bazar – “Thank you for sharing your life with beloved Lilly. You’ve shown what unconditional love is. She smiles down upon us, along with my Granddog, Tess (also a Border Collie). Bless you!”
  • Lynn – “With sincere thanks for inspiring me to be a better mum to Tulip and Jazzie.”
  • Edie Jarolim – “For all our once-in-a-lifetime dogs — may this help in the struggle to save another and to keep the families who love them solvent!”
  • Alice Dicroce – “I respect what you did for your baby and this fundraiser is an awesome idea.”
  • Shannon Barnard – “Lilly will always be in your heart. (((hugs)))”
  • Anonymous – “My dog just had surgery a week ago for a non-life threatening condition. Her prognosis is excellent and quality of life should be greatly improved. I feel so fortunate that we could afford the cost of her care, and although it was much less than what you spent to treat Lilly, it would still be out of reach for so many people. Thank you for choosing to honor your dog’s memory in this wonderful way.”
  • Luanne & Sandy
  • Jax & Baby – “What a nice way to honor the memory of Lilly, the canine heroine!”
  • Stanley and Sadie and Jazz – “Who are swishing their tails at Lilly…”
  • Leo and Kenzo – “Sending hugs, glad Lilly’s Fund has launched. Happy to make a small contribution in her memory.”
  • Anonymous – “For teaching me patience and perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds.”
  • Jane Boursaw – “In memory of my beloved border collie Jennifer!”
  • Belle, Angel, and Phil – “Although it was heartbreaking reading the journey of Lilly and her family, it was also an inspirational love story. Happy to contribute in Lilly’s memory.”
  • Brette – “In memory of Lilly whose smile always made me smile”
  • Karin Patrick – “For Miss Lilly :0) In honor of MyTai, my heart pup who left me too soon…..”
  • Dorene
  • Denise Ann Bolduc – “In honor of Lilly & Fenway, this is the amount discounted off the Therapy Pugs’ ( vet bills, by our local vet clinic, BoltonVeterinaryHospital. This discount is based on the hours of therapy dog work the pugs have done in 2013.”
  • Leland and Angelo – “Bless you… for all the love you’ve give Lilly, and for all the good you do for canines everywhere….”

I have alerted our neurology team at Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital so that they can begin selecting a recipient of the Lilly’s Fund Grant. I hope to be able to tell you a little bit about the Lilly’s Fund Grant recipient, but it depends on how the family we help feels about it.

GiveForward, the crowd-funding tool we used, deposited money once a week during the Lilly’s Fund campaign. Once I get the final transfer, I’ll know how much went to fees, then I’ll be ready to deliver a payment to the hospital toward another dog’s account — once they’ve chosen a case.

Thanks, again, for your help with this project — done, at least in part, to help me cope with the still-epic grief.


Things may be quiet for a while here on the blog, as I spend time writing the first book (of several possible books) based on Lilly’s life. Some days, I can write an entire chapter in one sitting. Other times, it’s a bit slower.


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Edie - April 15, 2014

Congratulations on reaching your goal so quickly! I’ll look forward to learning about the beneficiary. Best of luck with your writing too. I know how that goes…
Edie recently posted..Dispatches from a Professional Dog PersonMy Profile

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