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Wordless Wednesday: Lilly’s Chin

I adore just about every inch of Lilly’s funny, ballerina-like body. My fav part, though? The tiny pink spot on her little white chin. While nesting outside with her a couple weekends ago, I took this picture … a new best.

best dog blog, champion of my heart, close-up photo of border collie's head from below

Roxanne Hawn

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KB - September 6, 2012

A beautiful chin…

Living Large - September 6, 2012

Lilly is such a beautiful girl!

Cybele - September 6, 2012

Just riffing here. I just climbed backwards out of my fearful hound dog’s crate. It seems every evening something sends her trotting, head down, tail between her legs to her safe place. It’s like clock work. I pride myself on hearing the normal noises that send her there, everything from heavy trucks to woodpeckers.
I guess where I’m going is these dogs (terrified on some levels and brilliant on others) are especially rewarding. They have so much to teach us and bring out the best in ourselves at the same time.
I’m a shy person but my fearful dog who used to bark nonstop (for hours in public places) taught me to walk unashamed past glaring, disparaging looks. After a year and a half of rewards based training she is as calm and reliable as the Goldens who shared their lives with us.
Yesterday 2 deer moved in front of us, maybe 20 feet away. She saw them and started her eager hop at the sight of game. I gave her sit commands, rewarded her, then we turned around and went the other way. No drama! Let’s stand in awe and gratitude for what they teach us in their too short time with us. I think that makes we, humans the slow ones.

Leland - September 5, 2012

I love that pup!

Cokie the Cat - September 5, 2012

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Saoirse - September 5, 2012

So, so lovely. So, so loving.

Jen - September 5, 2012

That is an adorable picture (and chin)!
Jen recently posted..Wordless Wednesday September 5 2012My Profile

Sam - September 5, 2012

She’s so cute!

Sam recently posted..Waiting…My Profile

melF - September 5, 2012

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