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Tag Archives forPetfinder

Watch This Petfinder 20th Anniversary Video #MetonPetfinder

Please help !! If this Petfinder 20th anniversary video #MetonPetfinder gets 1 million views before October 24, 2016, then Petfinder will donate $200,000 to the Petfinder Foundation, and 20 shelter / rescue groups will each get $10,000 grants to help them do more for pets in their communities. It’s that simple! And, the video is only 1 minute long.

[This is a #sponsored post. #PurinaPartner]

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Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day 2011 adopt the internet 2011 badgeCongratulations to Petfinder on CHANGING the pet adoption world forever 15 years ago. Truly. Both via online access and the popular app, people use Petfinder a LOT to search for adoptable pets. It was a terrific idea, then. It’s a terrific idea now. In celebration, here is our Adopt the Internet Day post.

Adopt. Don’t Buy … I’m Begging

While attending a local non-dog event recently, I realized just how much education is still required about the horrors of puppy mills and the pet store puppy sales that support them.

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