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Tag Archives forherding instinct test

Herding Instinct Test

Over the holiday weekend, I drove Clover 195 miles round-trip to do another herding instinct test. We tested her the first time in June 2015, just after she turned 1. This time — maybe thanks to more maturity — it went quite a bit better in several ways. The raw video file added up to 1.5 GB. Yikes! So, I edited it down to a few highlights. Continue reading

Border Collie Herding Instinct Test — Clover Meets Goats

A couple of weeks ago, I drove Clover out to Valdemar Farm for her herding instinct test with our herding instructor Cathy Balliu. You can see the video highlights (and bloopers) below, but let’s just say Clover did much more harassing than herding. Here is a recap of what we looked for, what we saw, and what comes next.

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Lilly’s Herding Instinct Test, Reflections

We’re still on herding overdrive here at Chez Champion of My Heart, 10 days after Lilly’s big herding instinct test on 7 or so boer goats at Vademar Farm in Fort Lupton, Colorado. On our long drive home and in the days since, I bet I’ve thought of 100 things I wanted to remember to tell you.

I suspect I’ve forgotten at least 90 of those. Some ended up as text slides in the three videos, so here are just a few final important things…

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Lilly’s Herding Instinct Test, Part 3

Following a break to rest and drink, Lilly entered the round pen for the third and final time in her 1-hour herding instinct test. The task of working livestock is one of the most mentally taxing things a dog can do. Lilly showed tremendous stamina of body and brain. Still, she went a little wild on her third try.

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