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The State of My Heart

Thursday, December 17, 2015, marks two years since Lilly’s death. I remain devastated. It isn’t the all day, every day, kind of grief, but when it bubbles up, it feels just as fresh and raw and searing as ever. On this anniversary, I thought I would share some insights into what it’s really like to be this FAR into the grieving process. Don’t worry. Some of them are kind of funny. This post isn’t entirely sad. And, there are even photos of the puppies — Clover and Tori.

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Coming Soon – Heart Dog – Surviving the Loss of Your Canine Soul Mate

Too tired and hungry to tell the whole story behind this book cover choice, but here is the cover of my 1st book, which is coming soon. Let’s just say it was NOT an easy decision to pick a design from 2 options, but I’m in love with this design and the photo inspiration that I came up with while snuggling with Clover and sobbing one night … (Long story).

copyright roxanne hawn, champion of my heart, book cover

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