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Tag Archives fordog grooming

Undercoat Rake from Enrych Pet Products: Dog Product Review

We’ve always had easy-to-groom dogs with short or smooth coats that don’t shed at ridiculous levels. Technically, Clover and Tori both have rough coats. It wasn’t until Tori joined us in September 2015, however, that I felt like the dog hair on our tile floors got out of control because in many ways Clover boasts a light rough coat. My usual grooming / de-shedding routine didn’t seem to be cutting it anymore.¬†Even though I didn’t think I really needed to go to a dog grooming tool called an undercoat rake (since the puppy-girls are fluffy but not insanely so), I took a chance on trying out a modern-day undercoat rake for dogs from Enrych Pet Products — a company that’s based here in Colorado. Don’t miss our results. Continue reading

Dewclaw Mishap – Dog Grooming Gone Wrong

The fact that Lilly lets me trim all of her toenails in a single sitting each week remains one of my greatest dog training victories. We call it Turkey for Toenails, but these days we typically use cheese. Alas, once in a while, I botch things and cause Lilly to bleed. It turns out dewclaws really gush.

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Dog Pedicure Smackdown

Thanks to diligence on my part, Lilly is MUCH better about the toenail thing than Ginko. I take the tiniest bit off of each of her nails once a week, both so that they don’t get too long and so that she never gets out of practice with this grooming task. We jokingly call it Turkey for Toenails, but most times I use cheese instead. One toe, one hunk of cheese. It’s a good trade.

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