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Tag Archives forborder collies

Challenges of Walking Two Dogs at Once

A long time ago, I gave up walking two dogs at once. I stopped even trying after our (late) Penelope Grace and our (late) Cody got their leashes so tangled up around my legs that I could not walk. Over the summer, however, I decided to try walking Clover and Tori at the same time. It worked out better than expected. I’m not saying it’s the prettiest or most coordinated thing you’ve ever seen, but it’s not half bad — and often kind of fun.

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Comparing Dogs – How Clover is Like and Totally NOT Like Lilly

Busy with book stuff. Happy to say I found a solution to my cover image problem. Now, I just need to decide between 2 spectacular cover designs. Harder than I thought it would be. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the final cover. In the meantime, here are some early insights into how Clover is like Lilly and the many ways that she is completely different.

border collie in snow, champion of my heart, dog blog, copyright roxanne hawn

Photo of Clover taken this morning (April 3, 2015) in the fresh snow.

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Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day 2011 adopt the internet 2011 badgeCongratulations to Petfinder on CHANGING the pet adoption world forever 15 years ago. Truly. Both via online access and the popular app, people use Petfinder a LOT to search for adoptable pets. It was a terrific idea, then. It’s a terrific idea now. In celebration, here is our Adopt the Internet Day post.

Adopt. Don’t Buy … I’m Begging

While attending a local non-dog event recently, I realized just how much education is still required about the horrors of puppy mills and the pet store puppy sales that support them.

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