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Herding Instinct Test

Over the holiday weekend, I drove Clover 195 miles round-trip to do another herding instinct test. We tested her the first time in June 2015, just after she turned 1. This time — maybe thanks to more maturity — it went quite a bit better in several ways. The raw video file added up to 1.5 GB. Yikes! So, I edited it down to a few highlights. Continue reading

A Newbie’s Guide to Puberty in a Female Dog

Prior to Clover, the female dogs in my life got spayed early — before or after adoption. That means I didn’t really know what I was getting into when we decided to allow Clover to go through one heat cycle, on the advice of our board-certified veterinary internal medicine specialist in hopes of solving the issue of back-to-back urinary tract infections (UTIs) in our puppy-girl. Here’s how things went, these last 20-some days. (I promise, this post is NOT gross or graphic.)

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Happy 1st Birthday, Clover

Even though we adopted Clover out of rescue, thanks to her Origin Story, we know today is her 1st birthday. Her actual birthday — not just a day we picked as such. I had big plans for doing a fancy birthday video, showing the best photos from the last 8 months and maybe some video clips of her best tricks, but I’ve been so busy trying to finish the book, that I ran out of time. So … enjoy these 5 favorite photos from last weekend, when we began gearing up for Clover’s very special 1st birthday (along with a photo from the day we met)!

Happy Birthday, Clover Lee Hawn. Your momma LOVES you!

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Dog Adoption Fantasy – What it Really Meant

A few weeks ago, a 3-month-old puppy appeared in my Facebook newsfeed. Cue instant yearning — even though I’m nowhere near ready and she was about 900 miles away. I squealed. I shared her pix. My friends encouraged me. Adopt. Adopt. ADOPT, they told me. Something about her face called to me. Something in her eyes beckoned. I convinced myself it meant something.

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