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Dog Behavior Update – On Not Asking for Much

When Lilly became so dangerously ill nearly a year ago, we abandoned her anxiety meds because of their dampening effect on her now troubled brain. And, we essentially stopped working on dog training issues. These days, I ask her for very little, and the results are these.

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Lyrics for My Life – Mumford & Sons

I buy very little music, but I’ve found “Babel,” the recent album from Mumford & Sons, to be an apt soundtrack for my life. While the full context of the songs might not match my life with Lilly, many of the hunks of lyrics do. Here are a few examples.

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Crappy, Crappy Monday

A blaring alarm jolted me out of bed Monday morning. I squeezed our morning dog-care routine into as little time as possible, before putting on many layers to brave the extreme cold. Alas, I ended up cancelling Lilly’s neurology exam. Here is our frustrating tale.

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