Bully Sticks and Broken Teeth

Among other things I shared with our veterinarian on Monday during Lilly’s wellness exam is that Lilly broke a tooth last week while chewing on a bully stick I gave her for her birthday. How is that for making a Dog Mom feel like crap? Bully sticks and broken teeth? Gah!!!

I’d been warned by a veterinary dentist a while back about bully sticks, but I got them as a gift, and I thought the pups might want a little treat for their special day last week.

It’s only the second bully stick Lilly has ever had in her whole life, and she broke the tip of a front tooth right off.

I won’t be giving her or any dog of mine a bully stick ever again. It’s a shame because they really like them, but I just cannot take the risk.

Our veterinarian isn’t too worried about the break, so I’ll just keep an eye on it for a while. When Lilly has a routine dental cleaning down the road, they’ll probably pull it.

Need another reason NOT to feed bully sticks? They are SO gross — research found bacterial contaminations. 

I had hoped by now to give a detailed update on Lilly’s health status, but I’m still waiting for word on her routine blood work that we had drawn. I assume it’s fine, but since she did gain a couple pounds, I’m curious if she is finally measuring as hypothyroid. I’m pretty sure because of her fear issues that someday, somehow, she will.

Roxanne Hawn

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Amy@GoPetFriendly - June 3, 2010

Roxanne – is there a link between hypothyroidism and fear behaviors? Ty is on medication for hypothyroidism and is our fearful dog, but I had no idea there might be a connection.

    Roxanne Hawn - June 4, 2010

    Amy, there is indeed a link. But, we’ve had Lilly tested and tested and tested, including sending her blood to CA for Dr. Dodds to check it (http://www.hemopet.org/services.html), and everyone says that Lilly is in the normal range. I still think that some day she’ll eventually test hypo, but for now … nope.

Mary Haight - May 27, 2010

I agree with the Rod and KB, stuff happens and you were just giving her something you knew she enjoyed! And that’s a loving act.

Rod@GoPetFriendly - May 21, 2010

Have to agree with KB on this one!

KB - May 20, 2010

Well, I must say that my vet has no objections to bully sticks, and prior to K’s pancreatitis issues, we gave them to our dogs regularly with NO problems. So, Ms. Dog Mom, you really shouldn’t feel guilty. Bad stuff happens sometimes that’s out of our control!

I hope that the tooth gives Lilly NO problems.

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