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All Posts by Roxanne Hawn

Product Review and Giveaway: Oreck Air Purifier

To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Champion of My Heart, we’re doing our biggest giveaway to date — a high-end air purifier from Oreck (retail value around $400).

On April 13, 2007, which also was a Friday the 13th, we began Champion of My Heart. Since then, Champion of My Heart has become an award-winning dog blog of some note. Thank you!

To celebrate, we’re giving away ONE Oreck AirInstinct air purifier through a random drawing of qualifying entries.

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Old Dog Maintenance – Ginko’s Turn

In about a month, Ginko will be 12. He recently had a thorough exam, senior blood work, and vaccinations (3-year rabies, 1-year lepto). And, this week … he went in to have his teeth “done.” While he was conked out, they went ahead and took off two bothersome lumps — one on an eyelid and one his head.

Ginko did great, but he still isn’t feeling entirely like himself … yet.

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Dog Book Review: Your Dog’s Best Health

Nancy Kay, DVM and board-certified veterinary internal medicine specialist, published a new book called Your Dog’s Best Health: A Dozen Reasonable Things to Expect From Your Veterinarian. Perhaps you already know Dr. Kay from her earlier book … Speaking for Spot.

If you’re looking to develop a better partnership with your dog’s veterinarian, we highly recommend this book for insights into how things are changing and what you can and cannot expect as an active, engaged veterinary client.

I learned something new. For example, Dr. Kay advises — in a section about what your veterinarian expects from YOU inside Your Dog’s Best Health– “Unless instructed otherwise, dog your best to bring your dog in with an empty stomach and a full bladder.”

The stomach thing I knew, but the bladder? I ALWAYS get my dogs to pee on verbal cue before we go inside. It’s less about me worrying they will make a mess, and more about me wanting them to feel comfortable (not in bladder distress).

What do you think about that? Full bladders?

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One More New Problem – Adverse Vaccine Reaction

Indeed, Lilly is recovering nicely some 2 months since her adverse rabies vaccine reaction. She is nowhere near normal, but she is coping the best she can … as are we to the “new” puppy girl resulting from the veterinary emergency with her brain / nervous system.

Things don’t always go well, however:

  • Lilly fell down the stairs last week.
  • Lilly fell off the bed the other day.
  • Lilly crashed while jumping my knees and slid on her side across the living room Monday night.
  • Lilly’s rear legs gave out while on her usual 3-mile walk Sunday. For several seconds, she stayed there — like a tadpole or mermaid — and seemed that she didn’t know how to stand up. It was very scary.

Among her other lingering symptoms? Nose / breathing troubles. Video demonstration below.

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