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All Posts by Roxanne Hawn

Adverse Vaccine Reactions – Dog With Butter Butt Syndrome

Next up in our gallery of changes since Lilly developed meningoencephalomyelitis / meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the brain and lining of the brain and spinal cord) after an adverse vaccine reaction to a rabies vaccine is this video showing how much trouble Lilly has holding a simple sit. Sometimes, her front feet slide out. Sometimes, we joke that she must have “butter on her butt.”

Our veterinary neurologist points out that Lilly’s brain inflammation has more to do with body awareness and control, but this sure looks like a strength issue to me. What do you think?

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Wordless Wednesday – The Faces of Lilly Before and After Her Adverse Vaccine Reaction

Last week, after a long walk and a dip in our pond, I took a picture of a happy Lilly. It’s a nice picture, except all I can see are the changes in Lilly’s face from her ongoing neurological deficits. For comparison … first a few pictures of Lilly BEFORE she got so sick following her rabies vaccination in January 2012.

OK. Not quite “wordless,” but mostly photos in this blog post.

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Lost Border Collie Puppy – Golden Gate Canyon, Golden, Colorado – Please Help!

A 5-month-old, female, border collie (mix) puppy jumped from a moving car Sunday, April 22, 2012, on Golden Gate Canyon Road (west of Golden, Colorado). Please use email and social media to alert anyone you know who lives in the area or who hikes, bikes, or rides horses in the area, including in Mount Galbraith Open Space Park, White Ranch Open Space Park, Centennial Cone Open Space Park, and Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

[This is not our dog. We’re trying to help a neighbor.]

UPDATE: Monday night, April 30

I am THRILLED to report that this puppy was found last night by a family, living near Guy Hill, which is very close to where Oreo jumped from a moving car 8 days earlier. She is skinny and will go to the veterinarian today (Tuesday 5/1) for a check-up, but otherwise, she is safe and sound … back with her foster family.

I hope to get details on her recovery soon (including photos), but I do know that she was found Monday sometime and thanks to the wide-spread sharing of her lost report, the family knew who to call to report her being found.

BEST OF ALL … the family who found her might be interested in adopting Oreo!

Many thanks to everyone who helped!

UPDATE: Friday night, April 27

An animal communicator believes OREO is moving east (toward the town of Golden). She also believes that Oreo is staying to the south of Golden Gate Canyon Road off in areas where cattle graze. There is a good chance she is in the Mt Galbraith area. Keep looking!


The last real sighting was late Sunday (4/22) afternoon near Golden Gate Canyon Road and Horseradish Gulch Road (about 6 miles from her foster home).

Lost Border Collie Puppy – Golden Gate Canyon, Golden, Colorado – Please Help!

  • Her name is Oreo
  • Border Collie mix puppy (black and white) – 5 months old
  • About 35 pounds
  • Purple collar (no tags, no microchip)
  • Foster puppy living with family in Golden Gate Estates (near the Jeffco / Gilpin County border) for 1 week when lost
  • Puppy is VERY SHY. She may be hiding or may run if pursued.

If found or seen, please call Leslie or Sean @:




Lost puppy golden gate canyon, golden, CO, April 2012

Veterinary Neurological Exam – My Notes

In March 2012, I had the chance to attend (on a press pass) two days of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) annual conference. It happened to be in Denver this year. My number one destination was a session called “Video Tour of the Neurologic Exam” by Dr. Simon Platt, who works / teaches at the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

If you ever have the chance to hear Dr. Platt speak, take it. The man is very funny and has great videos to demonstrate what various neurological problems look like.

For obvious reasons my notes reflect mostly information that applies to Lilly’s case of meningoencephalomyelitis / meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the brain and lining of the brain and spinal cord) after an adverse vaccine reaction to a rabies vaccine.

I learned a few interesting things, however, that might be of use to you.

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Adverse Vaccine Reaction – Big Blog Posts Coming

Lilly and I apologize for last week’s blogging absence. The clock ran out on us every single day. Sometimes we simply get busy with work (remember, lots of HUGE bills to pay), but we also have some BIG blog posts brewing. They are not the kind that come together quickly. So, this week, we promise a few more updates about Lilly’s recovery.

best dog blog, champion of my heart, photo of clocksAfter that, if we can eke out enough time and mental bandwidth, you can expect some big picture, HUGE news blog posts in the wake of Lilly’s adverse rabies vaccine reaction.

In some cases, we’re still waiting for requested information to arrive and to have the time to dig into critical research.

Planned topics include (in no particular order):

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