Hoo-rag Bandana Product Review – Uses for Dogs

Hoo-rag (“the better bandana”) is essentially a tube of stretchy fabric that can be used a bunch of different ways. (Think Survivor buff.) At Chez Champion of My Heart, we’ve decided it’s a perfect way to protect Lilly’s shaved tummy. Because of her ongoing immune-suppression, Lilly neither sheds nor grows hair, so her post-ultrasound tummy is going to be bare for a long, long time.


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 The Hoo-rag retails for $14.95.


best dog blog, champion of my heart, border collie with shaved stomach

┬áLilly’s tummy is shaved from her recent ultrasound. It’s bloated from long-term steroid use.

Voila! Instant tummy protection and support … like SPANX for dogs. (smirk)

best dog blog, champion of my heart,  border collie wearing a hoo-rag

The main thing we do NOT like about the Hoo-rag is that they are made in China. We very much like to promote and support products made in the U.S.


So, there you go … if you have a dog whose tummy is bare for any reason ~~ but especially following an ultrasound ~~ the girls of Champion of My Heart think the Hoo-rag is a viable option.

CAVEAT #1: Clearly, this would not work on big dogs since the Hoo-rag only stretches so far.

CAVEAT #2: We have to regularly spread the Hoo-rag out again because it tends to scrunch up on the smallest part of Lilly’s waist, so maybe it isn’t as good of an idea as it first seemed.


FTC Disclosure

The girls at Hoo-rag sent us a free sample. We were NOT paid to write this review.


20 thoughts on “Hoo-rag Bandana Product Review – Uses for Dogs”

    1. @Jennifer ~ She doesn’t try to pull it off, but we are having trouble with it rolling back to the skinniest part of her waist, so it isn’t working as well as first hoped. She always gets a little sheepish when we put coats or whatever on her (to keep her warm), but once it’s on, she is usually fine with it.

  1. Such a fashion-ista!

    When my Holly was (actually still is) recovery from knee surgery, a friend made her a leg stocking to keep her shaved leg warm. Holly hated it but got used to it. My friend thought she’d be ‘cute’ and made if out of fleece that had racing flames on it…it’s always good to try to keep a sense of humor when you can while caring for our sick loved ones :)

  2. Such a good idea…maybe less pressure for her to carry that belly. It kind of reminds me of those thunder shirts…helps them feel secure, too.

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