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In a year when many times it looked like Lilly might not survive to celebrate, I officially declare the start to the HOLIDAY at our house. 12 glorious days of togetherness begins in 3 … 2 … 1

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P.S. This photo was taken last year, about a month before Lilly suffered a rare / severe adverse rabies vaccine reaction. 

I’m too tired after a month sprinting to finish work so that I could enjoy the holiday, but Lilly is mostly OK. She has been more tired than normal these last 10 days or so, and she has been a little wobbly the last couple of days, but she had chemo injections again last weekend. Typically, we start seeing a real boost from that any minute now.

We hope to resume a more normal blog post schedule in the new year, but for now … we’re just a couple of grateful girls on a mountain in Colorado.

You have our eternal thanks for your love and support this MOST DIFFICULT year.

Happy holidays!

Roxanne and Lilly Hawn



5 thoughts on “Holiday Advice from Champion of My Heart Dog Blog”

  1. Our time is limited with the dogs in our lives. That’s a cliché I know. But I have to say I have noticed in many of your photos of Lily how you capture so distinctly every hair on her face and paws as if you are looking so deeply into her soul with utter devotion to her time on earth with you. Some of your photos are love poems and even resonate on a spiritual level.

  2. Merry Christmas to all of you too! I cannot imagine what you have went through this last year, but I do understand the heart break. Our Scottie was diagnosed with SLO, an auto immune disorder this Fall. He will eventually loose all of his toenails. We are lucky that it is something that is treatable with antibiotics and nutrients, but having him in pain and discomfort drives us crazy. My hope is that Lilly is on the road to the best recovery she can have and your peace of mind. God’s blessings to all of you.

  3. May you all enjoy a glorious holiday together! And may the new year bring you all good health with joy and happiness :)

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