Border Collie’s Thanksgiving Advice

Overrun with gratitude are we that Lilly is alive to celebrate Thanksgiving, when so many times this year that goal looked impossible. We made a little meme to celebrate. Amid whatever struggles you face may you find peace in even the smallest reason for gratitude.

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If you are knew to our story, you can catch up on our harrowing tale through this link which chronicles Lilly’s ongoing struggles following a dangerous adverse rabies vaccine reaction that caused massive inflammation in her brain. 

5 thoughts on “Border Collie’s Thanksgiving Advice”

  1. Thank you, Roxanne and Happy Thanksgiving to you,
    Tom, Lilly, and of course Ginko as well! I love your photo of Lilly, she looks like she is smiling, and also the little meme you made to celebrate. Great words to live by! Once again, THANK YOU!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving from north of the border! Lars, my Black Lab and I celebrated Thanksgiving a few weeks ago…

    We will kinda be celebrating along with you guys, as I am a big football fan and will be taking the day off work, (calling in sick) lol to watch the tripple header! Go Lions!

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